About us

About Us

Our priorities start and end with YOU!

We pride ourselves on being driven by our values – which is about Convenience, Trust, Customer Experience and the overall Value that we can provide our customers. Our belief system helps us to ‘fly’ a mile in the shoes of our customers, which is why every time we play a role in getting loved ones together, we feel very proud.

Over the last 15 years, Gaura Travel has been the premier name in the air travel industry between India and Australia and we have had the pleasure of flying over a million passengers. As a multi-award winning and ATAS accredited agency, we have strong supplier relationships that mean we can focus on our number one priority – the success of our customer’s journey.

And hence the name ‘Gaura’ – which means “Golden” in Sanskrit and represents our genuine, customer-centric approach which guides us to greater heights on a daily basis.

What make us different


15 Years

15 years operation between Australia & India

20 K Reunited Gaura Travel

20,000 Reunited

20,000+ families reunited between 2020-2021


24/7 Available

Our contact centre available on 24/7

Multi-Award Winners Gaura Travel


We are multi-award winners

ATAS Travel Accredited Gaura Travel


ATAS travel accredited

100 Charter Flights Gaura Travel

100 charter flights

We have operated 100+ charter flights

Why we do what we do

It really comes back to our values and our belief system.

India is home for many. Many of us have loved ones there who we wish to see often. The country is also abundant in natural treasures and beautiful destinations that can capture our imagination.

It is our commitment and our vision to be the enablers of your dreams. We want to facilitate every travel aspiration you might have as a traveller. We look forward to being part of your stories.

Travel to and from India can be exciting for many reasons, but it can also be daunting and confusing. Which is why it is also a priority for us to support travellers, no matter where they go, no matter what time of the day it is. Our 24/7 customer care channel is there for you.

Over 15 years of experience has taught us many things and we are wiser for it. Which makes us the perfect ‘sounding board’ for your travel plans, the most suited partner for all your family reunions!

Our Airline Partners

Malaysia Airlines
Sri Lankan Airlines
Air India
Etihad Airways
Qantas Airways
Cathay Pacific
Qatar Airways
Virgin Australia
Thai Airways

Leadership and Path Founders

Our team is filled with passionate travellers who know travel between India and Australia like the back of their hands. Actually, we know it better.

We have the benefit of being led by visionaries who have the drive and the desire to see that the people of India and Australia remain connected forever.

Ashwini Sonthalia

Founder – Gaura Travel


Abhishek Sonthalia

Founder – Gaura Travel


Christian Benitez

Digital Marketing Head


Binal Joshi

Operations Head


Working with Gaura Travel is great
experience. Our team is at work 365 days
a year, and is contactable.

– Atul Abrol, Executive Customer Relations Gaura Travels