Best time to visit Delhi
India, a land of vibrant colors, diverse cultures, and timeless traditions, is a treasure trove for travelers seeking an immersive experience. If you’re planning to travel from Australia, particularly from Sydney to Delhi or Melbourne to Hyderabad, get ready to embark on a journey that promises to enchant, enlighten, and
5 Must-try foods when you visit India!
India is a land of diverse cultures and cuisines, offering an array of culinary delights that cater to every palate. Fr om street food to gourmet meals, India’s food scene is a paradise for food lovers. Here are the top 7 destinations in India that every foodie must visit: 1.
3 July 2024 Melbourne, Australia  Gaura Travel recently celebrated its 17th anniversary with an incredible Sale, and the response has been overwhelming! Over the past one month, travelers across Australia have eagerly taken advantage of their discounted fares to India, resulting 11000+ number of calls and 6000+ bookings. During the
Flying from Australia to India is an adventure filled with excitement and discovery. With Gaura Travel’s 17th Year Birthday Sale, there’s never been a better time to embark on this journey. Here are eight heartfelt reasons why you’ll love flying from Australia to India with us: Unbeatable Prices Travel should
How To Find Cheap Flights To Australia From India
Celebrating 17 Years of Gaura Travel with a Special Giveaway!  Hello from Gaura Travel! We are thrilled to announce a momentous milestone—our 17th birthday! It’s been an incredible journey of connecting families, creating memories, and fostering adventures. To celebrate, we’re hosting a fabulous 17 Year Birthday Giveaway. This June, you
Best Places to Visit in Sydney
Celebrate Gaura Travel’s 17th Birthday by planning an unforgettable excursion from Australia to vibrant India. Take advantage of our unique Book Now, Pay Later offer by paying 5% deposit and flexible installments. Fly into the Golden Temple city of Amritsar from bustling Melbourne or journey to Bengaluru’s tech hub from
31st May 2024 Melbourne, Australia  Malaysia Airlines and Gaura Travel are excited to announce their collaboration to provide the Indian diaspora with the best flight options and competitive fares between Australia and India in June. Malaysia Airlines is known for its best-in-class customized experiences, and this partnership will boost sales and
To make it easy to fly home more often, Gaura Travel has introduced a convenient payment plan option for flight fares to India! Customers can now book their flight tickets to India with just a 5% deposit and pay off the remaining amount through small weekly instalments.  Booking travel often
Wing It Right: Essential Hacks for a Stress-Free Flight From India to Australia
Flight tours are scary for some, irrespective of the fact that whether you are a first-time traveller or do it often. But today, we are here to beat the cliches and banish the ordinary.  While many compromise and are content with the standard rituals of air travel, we are here
Melbourne's Must-Try Multicultural Food Experiences
Australia is a melting pot for various cuisines from all over the world. Many foods with distinct flavours, numerous ingredients, and cooking styles are blended into the native cuisine, making it today a multicultural experience.  The country’s cuisines borrowed many traditional ingredients from different cultures and fused them in their
Visiting Australia for the first time- An easy guide 101
Every wanderer dreams of surpassing the typical, and above all, if you are travelling to Australia for the first time, you have the right to be unique and notable in your itinerary and other plans. Keep reading this ultimate guide crafted for first-time adventurers like you. It is your passport
Festival Tourism In India: Major Indian Festivals And Where To Celebrate Them
Forget the usual selfie at the Taj Mahal; there’s a hidden side of India that demands your immediate festive attention. Brace yourselves as you are going on the journey of festival tourism but with a twist.  This isn’t your average festival guide.  Yes, keep reading to explore some underrated and
Australia Adventure Travel: Unforgettable Outdoor Experiences
Are you craving an adventurous outdoor trip to give you an adrenaline rush? Australia is home to scenic adventure experiences across various exciting sports and activities. With so many incredible fun activities, ranging from water sports to hiking, there is something for every adventurer out there.  We have listed some
People have been travelling by air for more than a century now. But with distances getting farther, yet the world coming closer, air travel has increased tremendously. Australia is no stranger to this increase in air travel. The land down under being the home to more than 976,000 Indians, witnesses
Food Scenes in Melbourne: Voyage Through the City's Global Flavors
Forget plant tickets and packing woes! Melbourne’s food scenes take you on a global adventure without leaving the city limits. Melbourne, the food capital of Australia, is about more than just iconic meat pies and Tim Tams (though those are delicious, too!). It is filled with bustling markets, renowned restaurants,
Tips For Safe & Responsible Travelling In India
India is not just a country but an experience to undertake and an emotion to immerse in! But hold your marigold garland! India demands respect, not just selfies. Hence, gaining insights into adventuring safely and responsibly is crucial, leaving footprints of appreciation and not exploitation.  Therefore, before taking the journey,
A Guide to the Best Festivals in India: A Cultural Extravaganza (Feb to April Edition)
Spring in India isn’t just a change of season; it’s a getaway for festival wonders across the subcontinent. The celebrations recharge every street with joy and positivity around.  So, hold on to your travel hats. This guide here is beyond your clichés and a journey to the extraordinary. Besides the
Top Adventure Sports & Outdoor Activities To Do In India This February-March season
India isn’t just home for spirituality, yoga, and vibrant cultures. As versatility and diversity have been synonyms for this country, it often surprises travellers with various adventure sports and activities.  If you are an adventure seeker or fond of fun outdoor activities to explore and consider India your next destination,
GDeals: The Game-Changer For Your Next Journey To India
GDeals are exclusive, unique, and often tailored flight deals associated with reputed airlines that Gaura Travel offers their customers at affordable rates. These deals include impeccable service and enhanced customer support for travelers.  They are hands-down the best flight deals you can get anywhere with our level of customer excellence.
A Practical Guide for business travel to india from Australia
International business travel can be overwhelming, especially if visiting a country for the first time.  Business travellers visiting India must acknowledge the country’s diversity, versatility, and unique ethos.  Not to miss the difference in culture and values that also impact how they do business.  If you are going to visit