Gaura Travel’s 17th Anniversary: Incredible Offers on Flights to India!

Celebrate Gaura Travel’s 17th Birthday by planning an unforgettable excursion from Australia to vibrant India. Take advantage of our unique Book Now, Pay Later offer by paying 5% deposit and flexible installments. Fly into the Golden Temple city of Amritsar from bustling Melbourne or journey to Bengaluru’s tech hub from coastal Sydney with fares starting at a mere AUD 499. Craft your once-in-a-lifetime birthday odyssey today through Gaura Travel.  


Melbourne to Amritsar: A Journey to the Heart of Punjab 

Celebrate 17th year birthday by exploring Amritsar’s rich culture and history, from the serene Golden Temple to vibrant bazaars. Malaysia Airlines offers excellent connecting flights from Melbourne, ensuring a smooth journey with unbeatable airfares. This June, Gaura Travel celebrates 17 years with exclusive deals and a chance to win a free ticket to India. 

Melbourne to Hyderabad

Melbourne to Hyderabad: Discover the City of Pearls 

Hyderabad, known for its rich heritage and delectable cuisine, is an ideal destination for the iconic Charminar to the luxurious Falak Numa Palace, there’s much to explore. Emirates and Malaysia Airlines offer convenient flights from Melbourne to Hyderabad. Plan to secure the best deals and ensure a comfortable journey.  

Sydney to Hyderabad

Sydney to Hyderabad: A Cultural Extravaganza 

Take a trip from Sydney to Hyderabad to immerse yourself in the city’s blend of old-world charm and modernity. Visit historic sites, enjoy shopping, and indulge in Hyderabadi biryani. Etihad Airways and Thai Airways provide excellent service and comfortable flights from Sydney to Hyderabad. Look for flights with shorter layovers to minimize travel time. 

Melbourne to Ahmedabad

Melbourne to Ahmedabad: Gateway to Gujarat 

Ahmedabad, with its UNESCO World Heritage City status, is a treasure trove of history, art, and architecture. Treat yourself to a visit to the Sabarmati Ashram and the intricate Adalaj Stepwell. Air India and Singapore Airlines offer excellent connectivity between Melbourne and Ahmedabad. Use GDeals to find the best Melbourne to Ahmedabad flight deals. 

Sydney to Bengaluru

Sydney to Bengaluru: Tech Hub and Garden City 

Bengaluru, known for its pleasant weather and lush greenery, is perfect for a relaxed 17th year birthday getaway. Enjoy the city’s parks, vibrant markets, and delicious South Indian cuisine. This June, take advantage of our Bengaluru Bonanza: book your flight to Bengaluru from just $499* and get 40KG complimentary luggage! 

Adelaide to Delhi

Adelaide to Delhi: Explore India’s Capital 

Delhi, a city of contrasts, offers a blend of historic landmarks and modern attractions. Visit the Red Fort, India Gate, and indulge in a shopping spree at Chandni Chowk. Singapore Airlines and Emirates provide comfortable flights from Adelaide to Delhi. Early booking can help you find the best deals and preferred seats. 

Best Airlines Travel Agent in Australia

Best Airlines Travel Agent in Australia: Gaura Travel 

For over 17 years, Gaura Travel has been Australia’s premier airline travel agent, offering exceptional service and unbeatable flight deals. Founded by brothers Ashwini and Abhishek, Gaura Travel has grown from humble beginnings to a global operation with over 200 employees and 24/7 customer support. Known for their trustworthiness, affordable airfares, flexible payment options, and post-purchase assistance, Gaura Travel even organized 102 charter flights during the pandemic to keep families connected. They continue to collaborate with major airlines to provide the best flight deals to India.  

Embark on Your Journey with Gaura Travel’s 17th Birthday Special 

This year, we celebrated Gaura Travel’s 17th birthday with an unforgettable trip. Our dedicated team is here to help you find the best flight options and exclusive deals, making your journey from Down Under to the Land of Spices seamless and enjoyable.  

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