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Importance of being with your family 

India is home to billions of people around the world, enriched by incredible cultural diversity with an array of ethnicities, languages and religions. All Indians have their own values and belief systems, but one that we can all share is the importance of family and the powerful role they play in our lives. 

What is the impact of being with family? 

Generally, Indians place a high value on unity and harmony within their peers, having a strong tie to their families, relatives, friends and community. Having a unified family support system to rely on is a foundation of Indian culture, which is why human touch plays such a powerful role in Indian society, not only for reassurance, but also to emphasize empathy, love and compassion towards each other.  

When you live far away from your family you may experience numerous emotions; sadness, loneliness and dejection to name a few. It has been proven that human touch can effectively make a difference on how we feel both physically and emotionally. As a family-tied society, it’s evident that individuals who are able to be physically present and spend time with their families have noticed significant boosts to their overall health and mental wellbeing.

Importance of staying close to your family 

Creating precious memories with your family and spending quality time with them is vital to the human experience, and provides numerous benefits to your wellbeing and state of mind. As the old saying goes, there is not an investment wiser than spending quality time with family. In other words, there’s no one else who knows you better than your family and they are one of the strongest sources of comfort, safety and love that you can ever find.

A family bond is a magical spell that soothes you at your worst and celebrates you at your best. A family unit provides you with a group of people who will catch you when you fall, guide and motivate you when you are lost, restore hope when it’s waning and most importantly hold you close and comfort you when you want to cry. A warm hug on a cold day, a meaningful pat on the back for a job well done or feeling your Mom’s hand tenderly squeeze your shoulder; these are just some of the ways that human touch can make an impact on your mood and confidence, and help you feel more connected with your loved ones.

The link an Indian person has with their extended family overseas is often much closer and stronger than most people in Western societies. Despite living abroad, they often have closer ties to their family remaining in India, which shows that no matter the distance, the strong bond between Indian family members can never be weakened.

Reuniting your families together 

Our team at Gaura Travel knows how important your family is to you, especially when living abroad in the land Down Under. Over our 15 years of operation, we have been committed to providing you with a smooth and stress-fee journey to reunite with your family back in India. Our top priority is to fulfil our obligation and duty towards you and provide you with the best experience imaginable. Proud to serve as the link between you and your extended family, we work hard to always keep you connected and continue to do our best for you! 

See you on your next journey! 


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