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What Kind Of a Travel Friend Are You?

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

Isn’t that true? The best memories we make with our friends are always during travelling.  Remember when you found yourself lost in the middle of nowhere during a vacation? Yes, your friends came to rescue you. Remember how they always took your embarrassing pictures before saving you? Yes, that’s their love for YOU! You know, how they always have a plan B? even if its non-existent and just made on the spot? They just always have our backs! Sigh! Best friends are truly the best thing that could ever happen to us.

And you must agree! The memories we make with them during a vacation are truly the best!

You see them at their best, and you see them at their worst. Travel just has a way of stripping back any pretence, of revealing your friends and partners for who they really are.

So, whether you’re organising a coastal cruise or preparing to jet off to your favourite destination, keep in mind that the following types of companions can help you increase the ante on your next journey.

Chatterbox Friend

It’s been 20 minutes and you haven’t spoken a word cause this chatterbox friend of yours just cannot seem to stop! She’ll strike up talks with the locals and make sure the two of you are seeing everything there is to see. She marches to the beat of her own drum, but she’ll be the bestie you’ll want by your side!

Influencer friend

It’s up to the blogger to take the ‘Gram to new heights. Any spot, view, flower, or wall is incomplete without them having a picture of themselves taken. But you gotta agree, no one will help you capture anything better than the blogger in your group. They’ll make sure you take a picture of your food before you bite in, and they’ll assist you in posing for those perfect Mediterranean photographs. Ahh, they are the reason behind the 200 likes on your Instagram!

Wanderlust friend

Things go more smoothly when you have a plan, but it’s OKAY to deviate from it sometimes. When it comes to stopping in the middle of nowhere, checking out the most exotic locations or just crashing a random house, travelling with a wanderlust friend is a terrific way to move outside of your comfort zone.


Mom Friend

The one friend your parents can send you anywhere in a blink of an eye! This mom friend is a walking itinerary! She always has a Google Calendar on and has an answer for everything. They exactly know all the gas stations, restaurants and places of interest you all will encounter in your road trip. This is an underrated profile but, at the same time, a very important one in a road trip.

Adventure Friend

They are the ones who insist on getting an adrenaline high on every trip they take! And while you may be a little less brave, they always seem to drag you in with them. Bungee jumping, scuba diving, parasailing, river rafting, and terrifying roller coasters are just a few things they will always get you into. They don’t spare anyone in their pursuit of this irrational love. So much for de-stressing!!

Lazy Friend

These people can’t seem to get up in the morning. You’re all set to start the day and finish the sightseeing as soon as possible so you can chill in the evening, but you’re greeted by a tired voice on the phone or someone who is still showering when you finish your breakfast. They always have the  best of excuses for being late and back out of plans!

So be it whoever guys! A group is never complete without any of these!! Which one are you? Share this with all your friends and family and what are you waiting for? PLAN YOUR NEXT TRIP!

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