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What you need to know when travelling with your kids?  

Visiting your family back in India or travelling to another country as tourists can be an amazing experience, especially if you’re bringing your kids along. Visiting grandparents, relatives and friends overseas is always a treat to kids and leaves them counting the dates in excitement. As parents who are travelling with under 18s, it’s vital to plan your journey ahead to ensure that your children are best prepared and travel safe within the requirements.

If you are travelling with children;

  • Research what kind of childcare facilities you intend to use for your kids during your trip
  • Before you leave the country with your children, make sure to get official consent from an authorised person or institution with all entry requirements documents to provide in other countries.
  • Check in advance with your airline regarding the children baggage restrictions, health and safety standards to confirm their regulations before your journey.
  • Learn the laws and local attitudes around discipline and taking care of your children during the travel without affecting the public.
  • Plan and get your children’s health check-ups and medication at least 8 weeks before your journey.
  • If your child is travelling without parents, with a guardian or just with a single parent, you have to follow the representative airlines’ rules and protocols for child’s travel.

Departing from Australia

In most cases, your child can depart from Australia with just their passport and appropriate visa. Most airlines have its own in-flight protocols and rules for lone youngsters, with the parents or guardians needing to fill out a permission form in advance for the child’s travel. In addition, all those travelling to India including minors must submit the ’Air-Suvidha self-declaration form’ and provide a fully vaccinated certificate or negative Covid-19 (RT-PCR) test report before departure.

According to the current review for India, you may be subjected to sudden Covid-19 restrictions, including local lock downs and curfews within a short notice. Therefore, always be vigilant and check the latest travel updates given by local media. With Gaura Travel, now you can find convenient one-way flights with a single stopover in Singapore with Singapore Airlines or direct flights to India with Qantas Airlines.

Departing from India

As of 6 July, 12.01am (AEST), international travellers are no longer required to fill in a Digital Passenger Declaration or Maritime Travel Declaration to enter Australia. Proof of vaccination status is also no longer necessary. However, the rules and regulations in each destination of your stop-overs along the way may vary so checking the local travel requirements in advance is essential for a smooth journey.

This year, passport fees for Indians have increased and a 5-year passport for children under 16 costs $155, with the overseas surcharge for child applicants now being $67. To find more relevant information click here.

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