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Yoga poses to help you relax & destress!

Many individuals aren’t aware of the benefits of practicing yoga. Performing yoga at least once a day is known to help alleviate stress and help you feel relaxed. We have curated a shortlist of benefits of practicing yoga and poses you can try with your loved ones! Be sure to keep your mind body and soul aligned with yoga on your road to self-betterment.

International Yoga Day embarks to celebrate the mind, body, and soul. Balance your form as you learn new skills and moves. There are several benefits of practicing Yoga, including helping one’s well-being. If you’ve done your ‘downward dog’ yoga pose today, you’re most likely feeling relaxed, but many individuals aren’t aware of all the benefits of practicing Yoga.

Practicing yoga not only aids the body but most importantly the mind. Many people take up yoga as a hobby but don’t realize how positively impactful it is for other aspects of their life. Yoga is also known to help feel centered and destressed.

  1. Yoga improves strength, flexibility, and balance.
    Slow movements and deep breaths are known to increase blood flow and warm up muscles, ultimately helping your endurance. The Tree pose is famously known to improve flexibility, balance, and strength.
  2. Yoga can help with back pain relief
    The Cat-Crow Pose is known to get you the good stretch you’re after. Easing back pain and improving mobility, this pose is often recommended as the first source of action for chronic lower back pain.
  3. Benefits for heart health.
    The famously known Downward Dog Pose is known to benefit the heart and reduce levels of stress, including high blood pressure and excess weight gain.w

What’s a nicer way to connect with people than a fun yoga class? Yoga can transform your body, your attitude and your awareness. By connecting with people through Yoga, you have the power to exchange energies and refresh your soul.

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