Travel Food Recipes – 10 Delicious Recipes for Onam

Onam is finally here! From the bottom of our hearts, we at Gaura Travel wish a happy and colourful Onam from our family to yours. During Onam we celebrate the humility and generosity of King Mahabali and his devotion to Vishnu through various festivities and events. One of the most highly anticipated festivities, Onam Sadhya, is quickly approaching, so to help prepare for this massive event here are 10 mouth-watering recipes you can follow and enjoy together with your loved ones!

– Best Travel Food Recipes
Let’s start off strong with Erissery, a traditional Kerala dish usually prepared for weddings and festivals. Featuring pumpkin, coconut and various spices and seasonings, it’s a sweet and comforting taste that will leave you wanting more and more! Check out the recipe here.

Pulissery – Best Recipes for Travel
Another Kerala staple is Pulissery, a dish prepared with buttermilk and ash gourd as well as numerous spices. If you can’t find ash gourd, also known as winter melon, don’t worry, as chopped cucumber will provide a great substitute. Enjoy with hot rice or roti for a delicious meal! Check out the recipe here.

Tenga Choru – Best recipes for travel
Looking for a delicious accompaniment to all those curries? Look no further! Tenga Choru is an even more flavourful spin on the classic coconut rice prepared with urad dal, cashews and lemon for a zesty and refreshing kick. The green chili and coriander leaves will tantalize your taste buds and increase your appetite – so you can fit in more food! Check out the recipe here.

Pachadi – Good Meal for travel
Made from pineapple, coconut, curd and many spices, Pachadi is a light and complex side dish that will compliment any feast! Ready in less than 30 minutes and packed with delicious flavour, Pachadi is a must have for any Onam Sadhya setting. Check out the recipe here.

Avial – Good Meal for traveller
No Onam Sadhya would be complete without Avial curry – Kerala’s traditional dish. Packed with veggies such as drumsticks, yam, carrot and pumpkin, this curry pairs perfectly with roti or hot rice to make a deliciously balanced meal. Not only that, it’s simple to prepare too and can be ready in only 35 minutes!
Check out the recipe here.

Pictured: Pulissery, Pachadi & Avial Curry

Rasam – Best south indian food for traveler
Don’t be fooled by it’s thin, soup-like consistency, this dish is seriously packed with flavor! Made with toor daal, tomatoes, tamarind and loads of spices, this classic South Indian dish packs a serious punch and is delicious served with rice or even just on its own. Check out the recipe here.

Kadala Curry – Good south indian recipe for traveler
An authentic Malabar curry made from black channa (chickpeas), coconut and an array of spices. A hearty staple to any Onam Sadhya setting! This thick curry flavoured with bright and aromatic spices will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face – even the pickiest of eaters! Check out the recipe here.

Kalan Kerala Curry
A simple and delicious currymade from buttermilk, mustard seeds, coconut and bananas. Featuring a variety of different spices and flavours, this traditional Onam dish is a must have for your Onam Sadhya spread! Check out the recipe here.

Ulli Theeyal
A Kerala delicacy, Ulli Theeyal is the ultimate dish to serve to your guests this Onam Sadhya. Made with shallots cooked down in a thick roasted coconut gravy, this tangy and spicy dish will delight your taste buds and make you hungry for more. Check out the recipe here.

Paal Payasam
No meal is complete without dessert, and payasam is one of the best out there! A variation of kheer, payasam is a classic South Indian dessert. With many different kinds from moong dal to coconut, this payasam made with rice is simple to make, as well as delicious! Made with milk, rice, sugar and cashew nuts, this sweet, creamy dessert is the best dish to finish off your Onam Sadhya, and will leave you feeling warm and satisfied. Check out the recipe here.

Pictured: Rasam, Kadala Curry & Payasam

And there we have it! Now that you have the know-how, it’s time to bust out the banana leaves and get cooking! Prepare these simple yet delicious recipes together with your family and have a wonderful and blessed Onam Sadhya. On that note, why not book a flight home to India this Festival Season? Give your family the ultimate gift and celebrate the festivities together with your loved ones.

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