10 Navratri recipes you shouldn’t miss!

The nine days of worship to Goddess Durga, starting on 26th September and running until 5th October, is the best time to celebrate the blessings and good vibes for peace, happiness and prosperity for your family and loved ones! It is believed that whoever worships Goddess Durga with pure heart and devotion will have all troubles taken out of their lives, while finding peace and joy to cherish.

On this auspicious season, as you worship nine different forms of the Goddess Durga, celebrate the Shardiya Navratri or the victory of good over evil with delicious Navratri Vrat recipes after observing your fast. Traditionally, in this is the auspicious period, most Hindus keep away from alcohol and non-vegetarian food, as well as from grains, onion and garlic. Devotees choose to fast in this manner as a way of paying gratitude to the Goddess Durga and gives them a chance to get back to their roots and deviate from the daily goings-on.

As Navratri 2022 is just around the corner, let’s check out the 10 most popular dishes that we can prepare for this Navratri!

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana, more commonly known as sago, is processed plant starch extracted from the cassava root. High in carbohydrates, it’s a perfect energy-boosting meal, ideal for fasting. Made with sago, peanuts, curry leaves and mild spices, Sabudana Kichdi is classified as one of the best fasting foods commonly eaten during Navratri by the traditional Hindu community anytime, whether it’s for breakfast or a light dinner.

Kuttu Ka Dosa

If you are a dosa fan, this is one of the Navratri recipes that you don’t want to miss! Also known as ‘Falahari Dosa’ or ‘Vrat ka Dosa’, this dish is a great food option for people who avoid eating kuttu or buckwheat in fried pooris or pakoras. Quick to prepare and gluten-free, this meal is widely considered as a great dietary option, with the delicious potato filling providing a good source of protein, iron and zinc. Cooking up this crisp dosa with mint and coconut chutney would make anyone’s day!

Singhare Ke Atte Ka Samosa

Spending the evening of Navratri without enjoying these delicious samosas would simply be incomplete! This is the best tea-time snack to enjoy, with the goodness of a Navratri twist, while fasting. Singhare ke atte ka samosa is a crisp, triangle shaped snack prepared with water chestnut flour, arrowroot powder, spiced chironji, and sendha namak, along with many more spices. You can enjoy this mouth-watering snack with coriander chutney and experience many health benefits including low calorie consumption, low stress levels, reduction in blood pressure and more.

Aloo ki Kadhi

Soak in this delicious, yummy kadhi with potato pieces and soothe your taste buds! Aloo ki kadhi is a delightful curry made with potatoes, chilies, singhare ka atta and many spices, making it a great lunch for the Navratri festival. Make your Navratri more special and healthier while fasting with this delicious curry.

Makhana Kheer

Who doesn’t love eating festival desserts, especially on Navratri? Makhana Kheer is one of the most popular sweet dishes in the Navratri feast. This low-fat sweet is especially popular during fasting, making it the perfect dessert to indulge in. Not only served as dessert after a great dinner, Makhana Kheer is also offered as a prasad for the pooja. This yummy dessert, made with milk, sugar, makhana or puffed lotus seeds, chopped pistachios and almonds with cardamom powder, is the perfect dish to fulfil your sweet payasam cravings.

Sabudana Khichdi, Kuttu Ka Dosa, Makhana Kheer, Singhare Ke Atte Ka Samosa

Banana Walnut Lassi

This creamy yogurt drink with walnuts, banana and honey will make your Navratri day a healthier and more energized one! This nourishing drink can be easily made at home and consumed as a sweet, chilled beverage while fasting during Navratri. Boost your energy for whole day with a banana walnut Lassi!

Vratwale Chawal ka Dhokla

Full of flavour, this gluten-free delicacy is a perfect accompaniment to any Navratri feast! Vratwale ka dhokla or Sama ke Chawal ka Dhokla is a healthy and delicious steamed cake made with little millet, tapioca pearls, as well as tempered whole red chilies, cumin, ghee and curry leaves. Spongy and light with amazing flavours, this recipe is a must have for your Navratri feast. Paired with some vrat ki chutney, you would find it hard not to have an extra piece on your plate this feast!


Have you ever tried spiced, vegetarian banana kebabs, flavored with ginger, coriander, green chili and aromatic spices? If not, this is the perfect time to try this delicious festival snack, that melts in your mouth with every bite.

Vratwale Paneer Rolls

Grated paneer with potatoes, sendha namak, spices and some raisins to add sweetness, all pan fried together with ghee. Aren’t these crisp, golden-brown rolls making your mouth water? These tasty paneer rolls are just one of the delicious recipes that you can serve as a mid-day snack during this Navratri festival. Enjoy this delicious treat with a sprinkle of mint leaves and chaat masala!

Vratwale Khatte Meethe Aloo

Sweet and sour in one perfect dish! Vratwale Khatte Meethe Aloo, made with potatoes cooked with a hint of lemon and chilies, is one of the most special and delicious fasting dishes that you’ll never want to miss from your Navratri feast bucket list. This dish offers a great balance of flavors, giving your taste buds an irresistible experience!

Navratri is not only about taking the troubles away from your life, but also allowing your body to detox all negative energies around you. Together, let’s pay gratitude to the goddess Durga this Navratri fasting season, while adding more positive energies to our lives. We hope these recipes will fulfill both your food cravings and health goals this Navratri!

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