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5 Must-try foods when you visit India!

Indian cuisine is a foodie’s ultimate dream, with many dishes to taste, one of them is bound to be your favourite! Next time you visit your loved ones in India, remember to try a few of these renowned dishes to spice up your vacation.

  1. Masala Dosa: One of the most renowned South Indian dishes which are popular all over the world. Usually stuffed with curried potatoes and served next to hot sambar, adding some spice to the dish.
  2. Chaat: New Delhi’s Street food stalls are sprinkled with varying versions of chaat. The meaning of Chaat comes from the Hindi words “a delicacy,’ ‘licking one’s fingers’ like the name suggests, this dish will leave you wanting more.
  3. Dal makhani: Most people would have tasted dal, but there is nothing that quite tastes like the original. This dish is often reserved for big events since it’s considered the best of the best!
  4. Pani puri: This dish originated in the northern state of Bihar, a perfect street side snack for a food lover. Eating this delicacy is an experience in itself as most Indians eat each pani puri in one swift bite!
  5. Masala chai: One of India’s most famous beverages, the masala chai. This drink can be found being sold everywhere, from high-end restaurants to chaiwallahs at train stations.

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