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Changi Airport – A Transit Metropolis

Formerly claiming the top spot on the SKYTRAX World’s Top 10 Airports and even now sitting comfortably in 3rd place, Singapore’s Changi Airport is known as one of the best airports in the world, renowned for its cleanliness, shopping, facilities and seemingly endless supply of entertainment. While an airport in both name and function, Changi also offers numerous attractions and activities for travellers to enjoy, so much so that many travellers often plan mini vacations within the airport itself rather than simply transfer to their next flight straight away. Let’s go on a tour through Changi’s facilities and figure out what exactly makes this airport so special!

Entertainment + Attractions
No airport in the world has Changi beat in terms of entertainment! Movie fanatics can enjoy a flick or two at either of the free 24-hour movie theatres located in Terminal 2 and 3. For the gamers out there, Terminal 4 also boasts an impressive Entertainment Deck where travellers can play their favourites on Xbox and Playstation. Travellers with an interest in art and history also have the opportunity to check out an impressive array of sculptures and exhibits, including the Kinetic Rain and Social Tree interactive exhibit, located in Terminal 1 and the Central Piazza. Little ones will be delighted by the numerous indoor playgrounds found within Terminals 1 and 3, the latter boasting the island’s tallest slide! For those looking to recharge and observe some greenery, travellers can check out the Cactus and Sculptural Tree Garden in Terminal 1, Interactive Enchanted Garden in Terminal 2 and even a two-story open-air Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3! Changi even has something to offer for those with some extra time and itching to do some sightseeing, operating 2-hour city tours at night for travellers at no extra cost. Finally, if you’re simply wanting to have a seat and surf the net, Changi Airport offers free Wi-Fi for all guests, so you can browse, stream and more to your hearts content.

Food + Drink
Travellers will never go hungry in Changi Airport! With over 150 restaurants and eateries spanning multiple different cuisines at different price points, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  The International Food Hall, located in Terminal 4, hosts nine mini-restaurants, offering anything from fast food to fine dining. There’s also the Food Emporium which focuses on Asian and Singaporean dishes, as well as the Heritage Zone where travellers can sample classic Singaporean hawker stall favourites such as chicken rice, curry chicken and more. Most eateries are open 24 hours, so you can get your fix at any time during your travels.

Changi Airport

Hotels + Spa
Exhausted from your flight and looking to rest and recharge? Changi has you covered!
Each terminal sports its own transit hotel, offering overnight and day rooms. Don’t want to book a hotel? No worries! There’s plenty of lounges available throughout the airport, offering food, drinks, Wi-Fi, TV and more for a fixed entry price. Some lounges even offer shower facilities and nap rooms at an extra cost, so you can board your next flight feeling refreshed and energized. Fancy a swim or workout? Grab a pass to the swimming pool, Jacuzzi and shower facilities at the Aerotel Transit Hotel for a small fee. And finally, for those looking for a relaxing spa treatment and pampering, Changi offers a wide range of health and wellness spas as well as beauty salons throughout Terminals 1 to 3.

Reflecting the enthusiasm for shopping held by the locals, Changi Airport is a shopaholic’s paradise! Sporting over 400 shopping and duty-free outlets, Changi is often regarded as one of the country’s hottest shopping destinations. With an array of stores spanning from clothing to souvenirs to electronics, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs. Why not stop by Asia’s largest Nike store and create your own custom-designed shoes? Or perhaps you’re looking to snag some bargains at the DFS Wine and Spirits Duplex? Have an interest in drones? Why not take one for a test flight at E-Gadget? Keen to bring some authentic Singaporean delicacies back home? Asia Favourites, Bee Cheng Hiang and Taste Singapore are waiting for you! Even for those only quickly passing through the airport to transfer to the next flight, worry not, as travellers can visit iShopChangi and buy their preferred items online prior to their flight and pick them up at their chosen departure terminal.

So, now that you know all about what Changi Airport has to offer, why not experience it for yourself?
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