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Do you need an eVisa?

Something new & efficient
Unsure if you need a visa for the destination you’re travelling to? We’ve got your back! Gaura Travel is partnering with Sherpa to ensure our travellers are fully prepared before their travel.

All you have to do is fill in some details and you will be on your way to travel safely. Apply for your eVisa in seconds and waste no time preparing for your journey. Electronic visas are easy to apply for and significant to have when travelling, our new feature allows you to check if you need an eVisa and apply for it.

Travel with ease
Alongside our new eVisa feature, Gaura Travel has released a few other features to make your pre-travel preparations easier. Our new Travel Restrictions feature will allow you to check restrictions for the country you’re travelling to as well as the important documents you will need before boarding your next flight. Stay in the loop with Gaura’s new Travel Restrictions feature and always be a step ahead.

Our new booking feature allows our travellers to pay 5% of the total amount of their flights to secure their seats, interest-free. We understand that it takes time to plan the perfect trip, with our new payment option, you can secure your seats first.

Ready, Get Set, Travel!
Borders are open, and individuals can travel safely, it is great to stay in the loop of things when it comes to pre-travel preparations. Head over to Gaura Travel flights and book you and your loved ones a flight to wherever your heart desires.

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.