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In Over 2 Years, First Tourist Flights Land in Australia.

It is a great day, smiling faces fill Melbourne’s airport. As families reunite and excited travellers wait to explore Australia. Fully vaccinated travellers have been allowed to set foot in Australia and say G’day.

We made it to the other end Australia! The borders are finally open, marking a significant milestone for the nation. International flights will be increasing as individuals choose to travel Down Under. Australia is delighted to welcome fully vaccinated tourists from Singapore, Phuket, Auckland Delhi, Doha, London, Dubai, and Tokyo.

The tourism and aviation industry has been waiting for this moment for over 2 years and is thoroughly joyed to see flights full of international travellers. Individuals visiting their families overseas couldn’t be happier to see their loved ones in Melbourne airport.

In hopes of jumpstarting international travel, Tourism Australia is investing over $40 million on their campaign ‘Don’t go small, go Australia’ to showcase what tourists can expect when they travel Down Under

“As an industry, we haven’t had the summer period we were hoping for, however, in this industry there is always a point in which things start to turn around and today is that point,” said Ms. Jayne Hrdlicka, CEO of Virgin Australia Group.

Tourism Australia data shows that about 9.5 million international visitors had landed in Australia in 2019 before the border closures which put the tourism and aviation industry at a standstill. The decreased international arrivals since the border closure in March 2020 are expected to increase. “In the next 24 hours some 56 flights are going to touch down in Australia and that number is only going to grow”, a former managing director of Tourism Australia, said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated “We are going from COVID cautious to COVID confident when it comes to travel” which is a sign of progression and a breath of relief. Nevertheless, China, one of Australia’s biggest tourism markets will be absent as Chinese travellers are not yet allowed to visit Australia. “That’s why we’re focusing our campaign on those markets that are open to travel to Australia,” Mr. Morrison said.

So far, so good.  Australia has come a long way dealing with snap lockdowns and borders closures, and it is set in stone that we are moving forward in the right direction.

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