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Gaura Travel Christmas Party 2022

On Thursday, December 15th, 2022, we held our annual Christmas Party that was filled with so much fun and shared warmth. We ended our successful year of servicing more than 40,000 passengers by celebrating with great food, company and fun activities.

The celebrations kicked off with a delicious lunch featuring numerous dishes from a variety of cuisines – Japanese, Indian and Mexican to name a few! The team enjoyed a number of dishes such as sushi, butter chicken and nachos, topping it off with fruit tarts and tiramisu for dessert. Each of us had a plateful (or more) of various delectable delicacies, with many going back for seconds!

A selection of the yummy dishes available, including samosas, sushi and more!

As lunch came to a close, we continued the day by opening our Secret Santa gifts and attempting to identify who our Secret Santa was based on the handwriting and type of wrapping the gift was wrapped in. Our team delighted in joy receiving such heartfelt gifts, and the room was filled with laughter and holiday cheer.

After all the gifts were distributed, we travelled to Escape Room Melbourne, an escape room facility located nearby to our South Melbourne office. The team was divided into three groups and tackled three different kinds of escape rooms: Mine Escape, Kellar’s Magic Emporium, and Fractured. With different challenges to face and different puzzles to solve, each team had great fun figuring out the solutions together, and were able to escape the respective rooms in time.

Chamindika Madumali Herath, our Digital Marketing Executive, shared her thoughts on the event:

“It was great to surround with the colleagues, without stress about work and other tasks. Just fun, food and smiles on every one’s face”.

We had a great time celebrating together with the team, and we hope your holiday celebrations are equally fun and filled with holiday cheer! Here’s to more success next year and even stronger teams to help us achieve our goals of serving our customers’ travel needs!

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