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How To Recover Lost Items at Melbourne Airport

In this guide we will cover the necessary steps to take if you have lost items at Melbourne Airport and need them recovered.

If you have lost items within T2, T3, T4 or at security checkpoints..

1. Call the number (03) 9297 1805

This is Smartcarte’s lost property number, with this you can inquire about your lost items and find out if anything similar to their description has recently been collected (Operates 5 am – midnight, 7 days a week). You may also call outside these hours and leave a message, someone will get in touch with you during work hours.

Alternatively you can submit this form to provide a description of your lost items:

If you have lost an item in T1

Visit the lost property desk that is located next to carousel 2 on the ground level before security. 

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2. Lost property retrieval

After speaking to a staff member, you will be provided with an item number. You will need to cite this number in order to claim your lost property.

Book an appointment with Smartcarte in order to collect your items, 48 hours notice must be provided for them to be ready upon your arrival.

If you have lost property during a flight

If this occurs, it is advised to contact the specific airline directly.

Be advised that items lost at Melbourne Airport will generally be held up to 3 months before they are donated to a local charity.

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