As the world still struggles to fight the battle with COVID-19, millions of healthcare workers continue to resiliently put up their lives on the line to protect us. The pandemic has erupted all sides of humanity into sharp focus, yet most of it has shown the undying bravery of our healthcare workers.

In a year defined by what will likely be the biggest health care crisis of our lifetimes, our brave nurses and caregivers have demonstrated exemplary endurance, compassion, and selflessness unlike anything we have seen.

While many of us stayed at home, our real heroes were on the frontline working tirelessly to take care if us.  At times when they were exhausted and desired to be home with their loved ones, they donned their PPE kits and went in to support all of us.

“Thank you” does not begin to convey the gratitude we feel for our nurses. We thank them for every extra shift they did. Every dinner they missed with their kids. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank them not only for the sacrifice they continue to make for us all, but the sacrifices their families and loved ones are making in kind. We thank them for showing up every day and night, all in service of saving lives and helping others.

This International Nurses day, give them a shout-out, cheer them on, and do them a favour by washing your hands!

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