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Masks mandates no longer in effect on domestic and international travel

Due to the ongoing pandemic, mask mandates during air travel have become the norm, often to the annoyance and discomfort of travellers everywhere. Well, ‘The Great Unmasking’ is now here!
As of September 9th, Australia’s Federal Department of Health has advised that masks are no longer required during air travel.  As a result, all flights travelling to Australia on or after 12.01am on 9th September 2022 (AEST) will no longer require its passengers to wear a face mask during the duration of the flight.

This change will affect all domestic flights within Australia, as well as international flights travelling to Australia. There is an exception to this, however, as different destinations may have their own mandates and requirements, certain flights travelling from Australia will still require the wearing of masks for the duration of the flight. Therefore, the Department of Health advises that travellers should be aware of the local requirements and restrictions of their destination prior to their departure.

On all Qantas flights enroute to London, Rome and the USA, mask mandates during air travel have been lifted. In addition, all flights operating through Singapore Airlines will also no longer require its passengers to wear masks, however this may also depend on the destination of your flight. While flights operating to and from Singapore, the USA, the UK, France, Switzerland, Thailand and New Zealand do not require its passengers to wear masks, travellers are advised to check the requirements of their planned destinations and follow the local health advice accordingly.

Domestic airlines have been encouraging passengers to wear facemasks on local flights since May 2020, and in the year following the federal government ruled it as a mandatory requirement on all domestic flights from and within certain states and territories. However, since mid-June this year, airports across Australia have announced that wearing masks is optional, and now that this choice has spread to within the aeroplane itself, travellers will be overjoyed knowing that they will be able to fly comfortably to the land Down Under.

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Masks are no longer needed on domestic, international flights – Executive Traveller
Singapore Airlines drops mask-wearing rules – Executive Traveller

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Keeping you and your family comfortable during your flight

The thought of travelling back home to India brings lots of excitement – seeing all your friends and family, visiting all your favourite places and of course eating lots of tasty, home-cooked food! However, for some, the idea of sitting on a long flight for over 10 hours can be difficult – that’s why we’ve prepared a handy guide on how to stay comfortable during your flight home. Follow our tips and tricks on how to keep you and your family relaxed and content during your long trip and keep you energized for the adventures to come back home!


Throughout your entire trip, it’s highly advised to stay hydrated – even before you board the plane! Experts recommend drinking 1-2 litres of water the day before, or even better, the morning of your flight. This can be a tall order for some – but studies have shown that increasing your water intake by even just a glass a day leading up to your flight can lead to better hydration and a more comfortable experience. While flying, be sure to keep your water intake up, and try to drink 2-3 litres of water over the duration of your flight. This might lead to a lot of bathroom breaks, sure, but being sufficiently hydrated can help combat common flight-induced ailments such as headaches, dizziness and lethargy.
It’s also highly recommended to eat as many fresh fruit and vegetables as you can in the days leading up to your trip as these can be limited during your flight, and will add a much-needed boost to your immune system, ensuring that you stay healthy on your journey. Bringing your own snacks along for the flight is a great idea – just stay away from fruits, vegetables and other organic matter as these will be confiscated at customs. Protein bars and mixed nuts are a great option, providing you with nutrients that can strengthen your immune system even more. Taking vitamin C supplements is also a great idea to give your immune system another boost!

Exercise and Comfort

Exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle – not only is it great for your body on land, but in the air too! It’s highly recommended to get in some light workouts before your flight, even just stretching at the boarding gate can make a huge difference in combatting stiffness and discomfort. During your flight, be sure to move around the cabin when you can, stretching your arms and legs and walking around can help combat swelling and discomfort. Wearing comfortable and stretchy, breathable clothes is also a must – temperatures can sometimes fluctuate during air travel, so bringing a cozy sweater that is easy to take off is highly recommended. In addition, packing every-day toiletries and a change of clothes in your carry on makes all the difference and ensures you’ll stay feeling fresh and clean. For night flights, it’s a great idea to bring a neck pillow, noise cancelling headphones and an eye mask to help keep yourself as comfortable as possible for a restful sleep.

Tips for travelling with kids

For those of you travelling with little ones, it’s best to be fully prepared for any little hiccups that may happen along the way. While booking your trip, try to secure seats near the toilets and window seats – the latter being great for keeping kids soothed and calm by the passing view. For those travelling with infants, front row seats are recommended to ensure space for a bassinet, which can be requested in advance with your airline. The timing of your flight is also essential to keep in mind – for kids who are easy sleepers, night flights are a must to ensure your little ones stay rested and comfortable. For the fussier and lighter sleepers, a day flight will ensure that your fellow passengers aren’t kept awake. Making sure to bring enough supplies, such as medicine, food, spare clothing, entertainment and comfort items is essential. It can be difficult for children to stay entertained during a flight, so a great tip is to bring along something small and exciting for them, such as a new toy or activity book, that you can bring out to surprise and delight them and most importantly, distract them from any possible impending tantrums. Additionally, headphones provided by airlines are often too large for children, so if possible, bring along your own pair of kid-sized headphones, preferably volume-limiting, to ensure your child can safely enjoy any provided in-flight entertainment or games.

Keeping healthy

Airplane carriages can often become a breeding ground for bacteria – so it’s highly recommended to bring a set of anti-bacterial wipes and give anything you may frequently use or touch a thorough wiping to minimize the chances of getting sick. Additionally, it is recommended that you wear a mask and maintain distance with other passengers whenever you can, and stay up to date with any recommended vaccines before your trip.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks about flying comfortably, how about booking a flight home to India this Festival season? Our Mix and Match flights give you the customizability you need to ensure both you and your family are as comfortable as possible on your journey. Choose your airline, time of flight, luggage requirements and more and make your next journey home a smooth one.

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Travel Guide

Staying safe when travelling with family

It’s always a good idea to check the latest travel tips and advice when planning a trip with your family, now more than ever. Visiting home in India is not only for fun, but also reuniting with your beloved family members. Staying conscious of the latest restrictions and requirements for international travel is essential to keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Find out the best ways to keep you and your family safe while travelling and protect your loved ones back home.

Covid-19 remains an enduring global health pandemic

Despite the rising numbers of fully-vaccinated citizens across the world, many countries are still suffering from sudden Covid-19 outbreaks. Whether travelling alone or with family, you should always be aware of the infection rates of Covid-19 in your destination and consider the implications this may have on you and your travel companions. Whether domestic or international, all travel carries a potential risk of being exposed to, spreading or contracting Covid-19, especially if you’re travelling to a high-risk destination. As a conscious traveller, it’s essential to be mindful of not only yours but your loved one’s health and should not make travel plans if any of your family members are at high risk of severe illness.

How you should prepare to travel safely as a family together

Before travelling to India, it’s vital to check all requirements that you and your family may need to fulfil. This can include travel restrictions, vaccination status, quarantining and Covid-19 testing requirements in both your local area and expected destinations you’re planning to visit. Before and during your trip it’s highly advised to check the local government and Ministry of Health websites to stay updated on the latest information and changes that may disrupt your travel plans. In addition, checking ahead on options for healthcare, transportation, stopovers, food and accommodation at your planned destination would further ensure your family’s comfort and wellbeing during your trip, and ensure your journey is as hassle-free as possible.

If you are travelling with your family, here are some additional steps you can take to ensure a smooth journey:

  • Make sure that you and your family are up-to-date with routine vaccination requirements and testings, including MMR vaccine, seasonal flu vaccines and RT-PCR tests before your departure
  • Ensure that you and your family members passports are up-to-date and at least valid for the next 6 months from the date you plan to return home
  • Be careful to bring enough medication for the entire journey for any family members who may have health issues
  • Select the safest mode of transportation in advance to mitigate the risk of exposure to Covid-19 and other illnesses and limiting exposure to crowded public places, as well as frequently sanitizing your hands and maintaining social distancing where possible
  • Avoid travel during the peak times and congested routes wherever possible
  • Be mindful to gather in ventilated, open spaces while visiting friends or family, even for mass gatherings including weddings, pooja ceremonies or family events
  • Wear a mask while travelling or visiting high-risk locations
  • Follow the local public health advice and monitor symptoms if you or your family members become unwell before travelling

Being a conscious traveller and practicing good hygiene ensures the safety of both your family and the general public, and helps minimise the risk of contracting and spreading the Covid-19 virus around you.

Departing from Australia

If you’re travelling from Australia to India, it’s important to understand the risk of contracting Covid-19 in your destination. Therefore, some travel insurers currently offer limited cover for Covid-19. However, all passengers (including children) travelling to India must submit the ’Air-Suvidha Self-Declaration Form’ and present a full vaccination certificate or negative Covid-19 (RT-PCR) test report prior to departure.

Departing from India

Since July, it is no longer required for international travellers to fill the Digital Passenger Declaration or Maritime Travel Declaration to enter Australia. Additionally, travellers are no longer required to provide their vaccination status to enter the country. However, depending on your transport providers and stopovers along the way, there may be additional protocols to follow and safety concerns, making it essential to check and confirm the local requirements of all your travel destinations in advance before arriving at check-in.

Over 15 years as your trustworthy travel partner, at Gaura Travel our primary goal is to reunite you with your family and loved ones and giving you a smooth and hassle-free journey to your dream destination.

See you on your next journey with us!


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The simple way
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Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

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Major changes – pre-departure tests no longer required

The news we’ve been waiting for
As the restrictions are easing around the world, it is imminent t for travel restrictions to ease as well. The Health Minister, Greg Hunt confirmed a plethora of changes on how COVID-19 is handled in Australia commencing from the 17th of April. Previously, travellers would need to show a negative RAT or PCR test before boarding, even if they were up to date with vaccinations.

Restrictions of cruise ships and anti-price gouging penalties for rapid antigen tests will end as Mr. Hunt confirms he will not be renewing the COVID-19 biosecurity orders. “The country is ready to move on from the emergency declaration made two years and one month ago. I will not be renewing the biosecurity emergency determination,” from Mr Hunt during a press conference on the Gold Coast.

This was much-needed news for travellers who are up to date with vaccinations and want to travel with no extra hurdles to worry about.Mask mandates remain during domestic and international flights and travellers will need to provide proof that they have received 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Normalizing Australia
It is great to see changes in restrictions for travellers as many individuals are eagerly waiting to reunite with their families. Australia is on track to move on from the pandemic and is heading towards the normalcy we have all been craving for.

It is important to mention that individuals are advised to be mindful of their health and if any symptoms occur, a RAT or PCR test must be done immediately.Though individuals will have to wait longer before being offered the fourth dose of the vaccine, for vulnerable travellers, the story is different. Including those over the age of 65 and individuals who are immunocompromised are encouraged to receive an additional ‘winter dose’ of the COVID-19 jab.

Ready to rumble?
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Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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India is flattening the curve

Cases are decreasing
Since India’s 3rd COVID-19 wave peak in January 2022, the total weekly cases are on a steady decline. The record low of 10,000 weekly cases has been the first since April 2020. The pandemic is currently at its lowest point in nearly two years since the initial lockdown.

Consistency is key
The consistent decrease in the pandemic’s effects is a crucial indicator that everyone is doing their part to keep each other safe in India. The decrease also means a much safer place for families and loved ones to reunite again. Travelling to India is made easier with lessened restrictions to accommodate people’s urge to return to normalcy.

Travellers are eager to travel to India to reunite with their family and loved ones and have been patiently waiting for borders to open and restrictions to ease. The decrease in total weekly cases and mortalities in India indicates the determination and hard work the whole nation is putting in to achieve balance.

If you’re travelling to India, ensure you’re a step ahead with Gaura Travel’s Travel restrictions feature so you can check off all the pre-travel requirements. The feature allows you to add a few details about your travel and provides you with a list of restrictions as well as the documentation you need prior to your travel.

Be Travel Ready
Borders are open, and individuals can travel safely, it is great to stay in the loop of things when it comes to pre-travel preparations. Head over to Gaura Travel and check Travel Restrictions & eVisa to ensure you’re well prepared for your travel.


Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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India is overcoming the challenges of COVID-19

We all went through nearly challenging 2 years with ups and downs, loosing our loved ones and without able to see our families over the period, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, now we can look at the light of end of the darkest period as the shadow of Covid gradually diminishes from the society.

 Recently India has reported 97 deaths during the past week, which set to record less than 100 deaths from the Covid-19, a first in almost after 2 years of the pandemic. According to this Sunday’s data from Indian states, they have recorded similar result of death toll lastly on 30th March – 5th April 2020, which about 2 years back before the imposition of total lockdown over the nation.

Since, 31st March 2020, the first daily death toll reduced to single numbers on last Sunday, by just reported 8 Covid losses from across India, which just two states are pending to report its data. However, we can see significant change in fatality rate as both weekly and daily death tolls continue to dip down since earlier from this month.

According to the reported figures of active cases over the period, this week (March 21-27) recorded over 11,400 cases, but lowering to the previous week’s tally of 15,820. After April 20-26,2020 (fresh infections of 10,585), this was the least weekly fresh cases count that India has recorded over the time.

Since the peak of 3rd wave of active cases on 23rd January 2022, it’s progressively declining the current active cases within the country as well as in every state and Union territory of India without exclusion. There are around 15,800 active cases still exist of coronavirus in India. But isn’t it a new hope to conquer this pandemic from us?


Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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Skies reopen, Indians flock to airlines desks

Many flights, even more memories!
International flights will be resuming after a two-year gap. From Sunday 27th March, over 3,249 weekly flights will be operating from India. As the bubble systems are easing for travel destinations, there is an increase in connecting flights, due to the increase, airfares will decrease to a manageable price for example Gaura Travel currently has an offer from India to Australia from just $899 – to book your flights visit Gaura Travel Flights. IndiGo will have the highest international departures on a standalone basis among all airlines, operating 505 weekly flights.

“Very important day’ said Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia as the airline industry returns to normalcy. An important day not just for the aviation companies but also for the common man. Many individuals have been separated from loved ones due to the inability to travel overseas. The relaxation of restrictions is a piece of welcomed news for everyone as airline companies resume to full capacity from the 27th of March.

Short and sweet
As the restrictions are easing, foreign airlines will be able to offer one-stop layovers for travellers flying from India to the rest of the world. Airlines will be utilizing their air hubs to make travellers’ journeys as short as possible as the ‘air bubble’ arrangements meant a longer overall travel time between destinations.

Shorter travel times indicate lesser travel fares, offering an unmissable opportunity for everyone to travel. Though air ticket prices will not lower to pre-COVID-19 costs, they will remain at a comfortable median.

Hello World! India is back in the game
Multiple airlines have applied for approval of their international schedules for this summer which will be effective from the 27th of March to 29th October. Senior DGGA Official said “A total of 1,466 departures per week by six Indian carries have been approved to 43 destinations in 27 countries” offering an endless selection of destinations for travellers to choose from. After a long 2-year gap between pre and post COVID-19 individuals and families are eager to reunite with their loved ones.

Indira Gandhi International Airport is the country’s largest airport, located in the national capital of India is set to witness a significant increase in departures in the first week of April. As Indian carriers are prepared for normal international flights, various foreign airlines, including Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, and LOT Polish have announced their plans to offer flights to and from India.

India is back in the airline game, pushing full steam ahead to get travellers to their destinations and welcome tourists. Sunday 27th of March signifies a monumental day as airlines return to normalcy and resume overseas flights.

Your travel is our best interest
Get booking as Indian skies are open and ready for you! Several airlines are operating flights to and from India with a shorter layover. Embark on a journey with your loved ones this year and fly with Gaura Travel and snag the best deals possible! To book your tickets, visit Flights – Booking them made easier – Gaura Travel for all your travel needs in one place.

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Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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Singapore has taken off from the list of Omicron ‘At-risk’ nations

India has removed Singapore from the list of Omicron risk countries

The removal of Singapore from at-risk countries has become a big relief to the Indian diaspora due to pent up travel demand between Singapore and India.

Read More:

Singapore no longer in ‘at-risk’ list amid Omicron scare

The central government has removed Singapore from the list of ‘at-risk’ countries which allows international travellers to transfer through Singapore and will not need to undergo further Covid-19 tests or quarantine.

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The current list of ‘at-risk’ nations removes Singapore, by classifying it as one of the countries which can move through for international travellers.

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The Modi Government removes Singapore from ‘At-risk’ list amid Omicron threat

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Singapore dropped from India’s ‘at-risk’ nations list

On Thursday the Union Health Ministry has removed Singapore from the list of ‘at-risk’ countries, by allowing travellers from the Southeast Asian nation. Therefore, they will no longer require to go through additional quarantine measures upon arrival in India.

Read More:

In a statement, Singapore Airlines said that move from at-risk nations means “passengers arriving into India from Singapore will no longer subjected to additional arrival protocols specified for countries categorised as ‘at-risk’ by Indian authorities. These additional protocols include a mandatory on-arrival RT-PCR test and seven days of home quarantine, with a follow-up RT-PCR test on day eight.”

So is that the safest place to be at right now? You bet!

And we are pleased to share that we are there for you 24/ 7 and fly our charter flights over the time no matter what!

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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Final Boarding Call For December

Omicron classified as a ‘super mild’ variant

With weeks to go for Christmas and the New Year, travellers and families are scrambling to secure last minute tickets to be with their loved ones and explore the wonders of India.

This is not the time to ‘umm’ and ‘aah’. This is the time to grab these seats before someone else does. We have a number of Charter Flights operating in December, so jump on board!

Book with us and travel to India in December and make up for all that lost time.

The December Effect

There is something about December and travelling to India. There is no better way to mark the end of the year than to spend time with loved ones back home, especially when you don’t have to worry about quarantine or applying for exemptions.

Many families in Australia know that this is the time of the year when things wind down. Work, business and the hectic lives we lead…they all pause for a few weeks before kicking off again in the new year.

Just as we did when all borders were closed, this time as well, we have launched a BRAND NEW series of CHARTER FLIGHTS from Australia to India across the following dates:

  • Friday, 17 December
  • Sunday, 19 December
  • Monday, 20 December
  • Friday, 24 December

Gaura Travel will also directly operate charter flights from India to Australia for the following dates:

  • Thursday, 16 December
  • Saturday, 18 December
  • Sunday, 19 December
  • Thursday, 23 December

In other words this time of the year becomes the perfect time to fly to India and catch-up with those who have missed you and have hoped for you to be able to make it back home.

And then of course there are those who have had to put their plans of holidaying in India on the backburner. But now even they can bring their great Indian vacation dream back to life.

So hurry, book your seats before it all sells out.

The Omicron effect (or the lack of)

As per South African reports, coronavirus experts in the country are excited to see that the new Omicron variant might be less damaging than the Delta variant.

The Omicron variant is seen to be much milder and is seen to be less lethal in its impact on humans. This means that the world only must cope with a mutant that is showing signs of being far less threatening.

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia has already categorically denied the possibility of further lockdowns and has instead urged state leaders to continue on with their reopening plans.

Medical professionals do believe that most Covid vaccines, including the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca jabs, are designed to protect against variants to a certain degree, similar to how they protected against previous variants (Delta, Alpha etc.)

The message is clear – yes, we have a new variant but increased knowledge about its behaviours and keeping the faith in the vaccination rollout and the overall strategy will help us continue with our travel plans with more reassurance on our safety.

Hey travellers, we have dealt with ‘bigger and badder’ villains more effectively; let us not worry about the sidekicks. 

Make this a December to Remember

Flights are a ‘go’ and they will take off as planned. But we hope they do so with you on it!

So, call us and book your seats before we run out of them!

We can guarantee you this: every other person on the plane will be vaccinated and will have just returned a negative COVID test. Is that the safest place to be at right now? You bet!

You can reach our knowledgeable team 24/7. We look forward to talking soon!


Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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Light up your travel plans this Diwali

Travel with us this Diwali and you can get up to $500 off

The winds of freedom are blowing and the entire nation is looking forward to travelling without the shackles of restrictions. Well, almost.

And the timing couldn’t be better. Around this time of the year, the Indian community goes into a state of festive overdrive. Through Navratri, Milad Un-Nabi, Dussehra and more, one can only imagine the volume of prayers and vibes that would have sent back into the Universe.

Finally, the Universe seems to have smiled.

A ‘$500’ gift from the Gaura Travel team

With the festival of lights, Diwali around the corner, brightness and happiness has returned in to many households. Many families now know that travelling to and from Australia is at its most relaxed since the pandemic first struck.

As if our $899 fares weren’t low enough already, we want to give our valued travellers more.

For the next ten days, Gaura Travel invites travellers to take part in a fun ‘Spin the Wheel’ activity on the website. And who knows, you might be one of many who can get up to $500 off your fare to India.

This is our way of sharing with you as you prepare to welcome the new rules of freedom (or should we say, lack of rules!).

What does this newfound freedom look like?

586 days. And NOT counting.

That’s right. It has been 586 days since Australia made it necessary for Australian travellers to apply for an exemption to leave Australia. Approval rates were low and many travellers found themselves trapped under the debris of rules and regulations, unable to be there for loved ones in India.

The toll on families and the mental health of the country, and even the world, was hanging by a bare thread. Think famine and then think that first drop of rain. That is what the country is experiencing right now.

Finally, the tables are turning and the human race finally stands a chance against the unseen villains of the virus race. Or at least it certainly feels like that.

Now Australian citizens and permanent residents across the entire country can leave the country without having to apply for exemptions.

Freedom(ish) at midnight.

On November 1 st, 2021, travellers with NSW as the destination, will awaken to newfound freedom. Freedom from hotel quarantine and COVID 19 testing. The only real condition is that travellers must be fully vaccinated. However, it is very important to note that the vaccine itself has to be approved by Australia’s TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

At this stage, India’s Covishield vaccine has been fully approved by the TGA. If your vaccine is not approved by the TGA, mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine conditions will still apply.

If you are looking to travel from India, maybe make it in time to celebrate Diwali with the family or for any reason are planning to travel to Sydney, get on to it immediately.

As always, speak to us if you have any questions.

Interstate Travel from Sydney

Sydney will be a designated ‘orange zone from November 1 which means that fully vaccinated travellers can travel into Victoria with a valid travel permit.

For other states, interstate travellers might still be subject to restrictions and quarantine arrangements of their home state if they intend to head back there.

500 reasons to celebrate!

Don’t forget: for the next ten days, Gaura Travel invites travellers to take part in a fun ‘Spin the Wheel’ activity on the website. And who knows, you might be one of many who can get up to $500 off your fare to India.

We have a large number of flight options to multiple destinations in India with fares as low as $899. Get on that phone, or hit our website and secure your seat. 

Enjoy the freedom, you deserve it.

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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Victorians say ‘Hello home, goodbye quarantine’

No quarantine for fully vaccinated international travellers via Sydney.

Up until even a few weeks ago with surging cases of COVID 19 and unflattering vaccination numbers, for international travellers looking to travel into NSW and Victoria, no travel was complete without mandatory hotel quarantine and a series of COVID 19 testing requirements.

But all of that is set to change. With NSW announcing a few days ago that they would open up to the world, the Victorian government has responded in kind by announcing new regulations that make it easier for travellers from NSW to enter Victoria.

As of this morning, all of Greater Sydney will be ‘downgraded’ to an Orange zone.

For international travellers with Melbourne as the final destination, this presents a viable option to fly into Sydney and then make their way to Melbourne without having to go through hotel quarantine or any testing anywhere. 

The rules at a glance

Orange Zones

All Greater Sydney residents and International Travellers flying into Sydney will fall under the Orange Zone. For international travellers, please note that Gaura Travel will provide you with hotel accommodation in Sydney and also arrange for domestic fights to Melbourne.

Being fully vaccinated certainly does have its advantages – you do not have to quarantine or get tested for COVID 19.  

PLEASE NOTE: To travel into Victoria you will need a valid travel permit. For more information please go to:

Also, there will be no restrictions applicable in Sydney as fully vaccinated travellers will be free to do as they please.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

What does all this mean for travellers?

The relaxing of these regulations is a breath of fresh air. This finally means freedom from the shackles of hotel quarantine. This also means no more anxiety about the results of COVID 19 tests.

It really has come down to three simple steps:

  1. Get fully vaccinated, as mandated by the Australian Government
  2. Call and book with Gaura Travel –  we will get you onto a flight to Sydney
  3. Travel to Melbourne – Gaura Travel will organise accommodation and a domestic flight through to Melbourne.

We recommend that you travel with your Vaccination Passport (downloaded from your MyGov account) and have the relevant Victorian Travel Permits.

Once you reach Melbourne, you can head straight to the familiar comforts of your home (and not to a random hotel!).

Once again, if you have any questions, our team is here for you 24/7. As always, we take our responsibility of being your best way home quite seriously.

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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Australia has had one of the strictest lockdowns in the world and it’s been months and months that we have been battling against this deadly virus. Both mentally and physically, every Australian has struggled through this. Not being able to meet our loved ones, travel like before, or go out like we used to, this virus really did change our lives. But now it is time to rise up again. It Is time to fill our hearts with hope and embrace the excitement of going back to the old times, where we were one, we were together.

Under National Cabinet’s four-phase pathway out of the pandemic, when the nation starts hitting the 70 per cent and 80 per cent vaccination targets, we can start claiming back what COVID has been taking away from us. And when we do so, people must not be intimidated by the case numbers that will inevitably increase. The government will be able to handle the situation better with all the improvements in the health care sector which Australia has made to protect people from serious illness and fatality.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said, “we can’t live with lockdowns forever” and that at some point, the states and territories needed to conceded it’s “highly unlikely” that Australia will be able to return to COVID zero. Once the states reach 70 per cent of adult vaccinations, they must open up borders and lockdown will only be the last resort.

According to the data, if you take the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccination, people are 86 to 87 per cent less likely to end up in hospital or an ICU. A key next step in the plan will also be getting children aged over 12 vaccinated.

Just as we are seeing overseas in places like the UK, even when their case numbers tick up, their hospitalisations and deaths are not increasing at the same rate and remaining flatter and at rates like you see with the flu.

It is always darkest before the dawn, and these lockdowns are demonstration of that, but the dawn is not far away and we are working towards that dawn and we are hastening towards the dawn.

Hundreds of active Covid cases in the community should not delay Australia’s plan to reopen and end widespread lockdowns, Scott Morrison says, urging people to look beyond a “one-eyed focus” on daily case numbers.

Lockdowns are not a sustainable way to deal with the virus and that’s why we have to get to the 70 and 80% marks so we can start living with the virus!

This doesn’t mean people won’t get sick, but with achieving the vaccination targets, a strong public health system, retaining common sense public hygiene measures and more effective treatments for COVID-19, the nation can get on with the new normal, and treat COVID like other infectious diseases.

That is the light at the end of the tunnel on our journey. Australia has now had three days in a row of giving more than 300,000 vaccinations every day, and with more than 1.73 million vaccinations provided in only the previous week, we’ll see fewer hospitalizations and fatalities, allowing us to resume our lives. This is what living with COVID is all about. The case numbers will likely rise when we soon begin to open up. That is inevitable.

But the focus needs to be on the rate of people being hospitalised. That’s the measure that should now start to guide our response.

Rising cases need not impact the nations plan to reopen, and reopen as soon we can. 

With this, there will be light again, harmony again. No borders will separate us from our loved ones, and we will be one again.

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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INDIA no longer in the bracket of ‘high risk’ for Australia, travel restrictions are now back to the worldwide settings.

We have another reason to rejoice now! Another reason to celebrate! On August 10th, the Australian government removed India from its list of “high risk” countries and lifted additional restrictions on outgoing and incoming travel from the country. This step has been taken due to the dramatic decline in daily COVID cases in the country.

This comes as a great news and a breather for us as we proceed in our aim to reunite you with your loved ones.

The number of overseas acquired cases with a country of acquisition of India has stayed far below thresholds of concern since the resumption of government sponsored repatriation flights from India on 15 May 2021, says a federal Department of Health spokesperson.

A halt in flights from India, as well as improved pre-departure arrangements, allowed the number of cases from that country to be reduced to a manageable level. Well, this is great news! We are back in the safe bracket.

Impact on temporary visa holders stuck in India

Until 9 August, people looking for an exemption for travel to or from India could only be permitted in limited situations due to the unprecedented spread of COVID-19.

However, as the number of new cases in India decreases, the Australian government has broadened the exemption rules to accommodate more reasons for travel to and from India. This has provided much-needed relief to Australian citizens and permanent residents seeking outward travel exemptions, as well as temporary visa holders stranded in India and yearning to come home.

The Plan Ahead

More than 10,000 people are stuck in India, who are wanting to get back to the land down under. This brings a ray of hope, particularly for families who have been separated from their loved ones for long. The temporary residents are hoping this development works in favour of them and improves their chances at getting inward travel exemptions, so they can continue the lives that they had painstakingly built in Australia.

Well, where there is a will, there is a way. We are here to get you a step closer to your destination be it Australia to India, or India to Australia!

Sit back and Relax. We are here to be your best way home. 

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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Travel Home In Luxury & Comfort!

It has been a long road.

Ever-changing rules and regulations that have dominated headlines over the last few months have come at the cost of individuals who found themselves stranded in India, unable to find a way back home.

Families have spent months separated from other members of their family with chances of seeing loved ones dwindling away with every passing day. With hopes of securing a ticket back home to Australia also looking bleaker, courtesy of limited options being available to passengers, hopes of coming back home began to look like an illusion.

Ever since the pandemic first struck, most doors seemed shut. But our entire team has made a habit of finding a new door or simply breaking down existing ones. 

Fly Business Class with Sri Lankan Airlines

Our recent collaboration with Sri Lanka Airlines means that all those stranded in India have a viable option to come back home. And we are not referring to travelling like cattle, with minimal amenities on a flight that lasts for many hours. As if the stress they have faced over the last few months was not enough!

Instead, we have made arrangements to provide you with the ultimate in flying comfort and luxury – we have facilitated a rare and luxurious BUSINESS CLASS experience for you.

You deserve it, weary traveler! Spend your journey in comfort, where you can relax and unwind, physically and mentally in a flight where every in-flight need of yours is catered for.

You will find yourself in a world-class flight, with award-winning service and only handful of other passengers. Spend your journey in peace with the knowledge that you are not one of hundreds, packed into a flight like ‘sardines in a can’.

What you will experience

Not even once will you need to request someone to let you access the aisle. Thanks to Sri Lankan Airlines providing 28 leather seats (in what is known as the ‘herringbone structure’), you and every other passenger in the flight will have their own personal and complete access to the aisle.

You certainly don’t have to sit in great discomfort for the duration of the flight – you can travel the entire flight resting your tired bodies on flat beds. That’s right, stretch your legs and sink in the comfort on offer.

Or you might even want to forget the difficulties of the past few months and immerse yourself in a wide range of inflight entertainment, playing out on an impressive 15.4” monitor.

Store your personal belongings safely and securely in storage space that is yours for the length of the flight.

Charge your equipment using the USB portals, but most importantly, charge your mind and body, and prepare yourself to see your loved ones again.

Plan your ‘escape’ with us

Our next flight from India to Australia is on August 2nd. If you are looking to make that getaway and find your way back home, then do not wait. Only 9 seats are left now!

Other flights on sale are scheduled on:

  • August 9th
  • August 16th
  • August 23rd
  • 30 August 30th!

They say, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. With Sri Lankan Airlines’ Business Class, who knows, you might actually see a cloud with a golden lining?

See you back home.

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

Why Gaura


It is true when they say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. When we began our charter journey, we had only one mission in our hearts – to reunite you with your loved ones. Who would have thought that a whole year later, we would have flown another 60 charter flights?

It’s been a rollercoaster alright. A rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, restrictions, and elation of seeing families together. And we have nothing but endless gratitude in our hearts for you all. Thank you for making this possible! It’s been a crazy year, and that definitely deserves a recap!

MARCH 2020

The pandemic that struck the world was unprecedented but none of us knew then that the world would never be the same again. When COVID-19 pandemic officially hit Australia, the country went into a lockdown like many others. The world came to a stop and people were forced to isolate in their homes. Numerous flight restrictions, domestic and international took effect. This included travel between India and Australia. Families were separated, borders were shut, and anguish overtook the world.


We knew we had to do something. We couldn’t give up. Our team at Gaura Travel banded together and created a COVID-19 response plan. We were still operating 24×7 and left no stone unturned to answer calls, fulfill refunds and be there for the community.

JULY 2020 (22nd of July – 1st Charter Flight)

Numerous hurdles came our way, but nothing stopped us from our mission to reunite people with their loved ones. Finally, on 22 July our first charter flight departed from Australia to India. We were ecstatic, but we knew it was just the beginning.


Months later, on 5th of February, after tremendous grit, planning and efficiency, we reached a milestone of re-uniting 10,000 families, the largest repatriation flight operation to India. 8 months after that first charter flight and 40 subsequent charter flights later… we became the leader in repatriation Charter Flights between Australia and India. Celebrations were afoot and we enjoyed the success in the presence of the reputed Indian High Commissioner and many eminent members of the community who supported us in our journey.

There was joy in the air, but the directors of Gaura Travel, Ashwini Sonthalia and Abhishek Sonthalia, knew that more had to be done. They resonated with the longing of those stuck in India, and on 27 February 2021, we announced the great news of special charter flights from India to Australia!

MARCH 2021

Flight after flight, the mission of repatriating people back from India became stronger and on the 19th March, we crossed another benchmark of operating 50 charter flights! Keeping customers at the forefront, we did everything we could to be your best way home. In collaboration with Singapore Airlines, the 50th charter flight took off from Melbourne Airport carrying 200 people to New Delhi.

Soon after, we repatriated 12,000 families! This is till date, the largest private charter operation between Australia and India.

APRIL 2021

In April, India faced a second wave of COVID-19, and cases sky rocketed. Unfortunately, on 27th of April Australia announced a ban on travel from India, leaving many heartbroken, and more stuck… we knew another battle had begun. Our flights were cancelled, borders were shut – but amidst all the chaos, we pulled up our socks and did what we had to, to see you reunite with your families.


After months of dormancy due to the raging pandemic, Australia geared up for a return to some normalcy with borders reopening to India and essential travel being permitted.  

Australia opened its borders to India on 15th May, and gave a green signal for the travel operations between India and Australia to resume. More than 11,000 people were stuck, and we knew we had to get them back home.

JULY 2021

The road wasn’t easy. We faced challenges after challenges, but we overcame them all! Our flight from India to Australia took off on 13th of July and nothing made us happier as this marked as our 60th Charter Flight in our repatriation journey. This wouldn’t have been possible without your trust in us. We made it possible in the past, and we did it again!

Our next flight from India to Australia is on 02 August! Hurry! As only 9 seats are left now! Other flights on sale are scheduled on 09, 16, 23 and 30 August! Yes, we can’t stop and won’t stop!


Travelling can be challenging in these uncertain times. We understand you and your worries. That is why we are with you at every step of your journey.

This one year taught us that the road of life twists and turn, and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination. The tests we faced in this journey revealed our weaknesses but also helped us discover our inner strengths. We can only know how strong we are when we strive and thrive beyond the challenges we face.

We can proudly say, we did it! And yes, in the end it was worth it!

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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It is true when they say, the road to success is never easy. You will fall. You will fail. You will struggle, but in the end, this difficult road will lead you to beautiful destinations.

Every day, we at Gaura Travel, wake up with only one mission in our hearts, to be your best way home.  Yes, we faced a million challenges. Our flights got delayed and cancelled due to Australia’s travel ban with India. We had to push all our bookings to the next available flights. Yes, we were stuck. But guess what? not anymore.

We have done it in the past, and we will do it again! When we ran the first and largest repatriation flights from Australia to India, we never thought we would reunite 12,000 families but we did! We left no stone unturned to make it possible! And now it is time to do it again.

Australia’s travel ban with India

In April, India became the epicentre of the global pandemic when the second wave of COVID-19 overwhelmed the whole country. On 27 April, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Australia shut its borders with India. Even travellers from India—including citizens—were barred from entering the country.

On one hand, we struggled with the India travel ban and on the other, our flights with transits in Malaysia and Singapore were disrupted as the respective countries decided to close their borders with India as well. Unfortunately, with a heavy heart we had to reschedule our flights and wait for things to get better. When Australia decided to lift the travel ban with India, only Qantas was permitted to fly the passengers from India to Australia. We still waited to get our green signal to operate our charter flights from India to Australia.

We knocked the doors of several airlines so that we could work around something, we just knew we couldn’t give up. Finally, after pulling out all the stops, we were fortunate to collaborate with Srilankan airlines and Indigo airlines to carry out our flight operations from India to Australia.

Yes, they are right when they say that tough times never last, but tough people do. Its time to  rejoice guys! We know you have waited long for this. Fasten your seatbelts because it is time to get you back to the land down under!

Our flight from India to Australia just departed!


We are extremely joyous to share that our flight from India to Australia took off on 13th and 16th July! Nothing makes us happier as this marks as our 60th charter flight in our repatriation journey. This wouldn’t have been possible without your trust in us. 

It is a moment of glory, that we are the first travel agents in Australia to operate a charter flight after the upliftment of Australia’s travel ban with India. Just like we were the first to repatriate 12,000 people last year!

New Flights from India to Australia

Our next flight from India to Australia is on 02 August! Hurry! As only 09 seats are left now! Other flights on sale are scheduled on 09,16,23 and 30 August! Yes, we can’t stop and won’t stop!

Travelling can be challenging in these uncertain times. We understand you and your worries. that is why we are with you at every step of your journey.

Additional Benefits

Our 24×7 call centres are always open to answer all your queries and be there for you be it 1pm or 1am in the night.

If you are worried about your change of plans, then let us take your stress off! Our tickets are completely refundable and flexible! you can always modify them accordingly.

With our multiple cities option, you have the choice to book your ticket from whichever city you prefer, be it Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, or Hyderabad.

We understand how frustrating it can be to fit everything under 30kgs! It is never enough! But with us, you get additional 5kgs…because we know every kg counts, right?

If this is not enough, with the globally renowned hospitable service of Sri Lankan Airways, we will make sure your flight is nothing but seamless! Wondering about the in-flight facilities? The In-flight entertainment will be available for you and delicious vegetarian meals will be provided.

We know you have waited a lot for this! So what are you waiting for? Book your flight with us today and let us be your best way home! Keep an eye out on our flights as they get booked out in minutes! We are prepared for all the challenges, we are ready! We can’t stop and won’t stop!

For more details on the flights please visit our website –

It’s time to be positive guys! Let our perseverance be the engine and hope our fuel. We will make it.

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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How is the World Dealing with COVID-19?

How is Australia dealing with COVID-19?

Travel is all set to make a comeback. As countries reach a new phase of the pandemic based on their vaccination coverage and policies, plans to open travel are taking place around the world. This involves a change drifting away from border closures or lockdowns and going in favour of coercive tactics and incentives to get people vaccinated. This also includes easing quarantine restrictions for those who have received the vaccine.

Australia has been one of the world’s COVID success stories, with infection rates approaching zero and most people going about their daily lives as usual. Australia’s tough conservative strategy has undoubtedly saved lives, but there are fears that same approach may now leave it isolated in comparison to other countries.

Known as the land of adventure, fun and beauty, concerns are that with the prolonged shut down from the world, Australia might lose its character of being an open and free country. Ernst and Young, an accounting firm, estimates that Australia’s economy is losing A$7.6bn (£4.18bn; $5.9bn) a month from the closed borders. With this, not only Australia is facing struggles with the economy but also its eminence around the globe.  

How are other countries dealing with COVID-19?

Countries like England, Canada and Singapore have reached a good number of vaccinations with Canada fully vaccinating 14% of its population, Singapore 35% and England 47%. Unfortunately, Australia had a slow roll out of the vaccine and is lagging with only vaccinating 3.3% of its population.

In France, some visitors –including Australians – no longer have to even take a COVID test as long as they are fully vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine. From early July Canada is expected to exempt quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers, including non-Canadians. Amid this, claims are that Australia will not open its borders until mid-2022, implying a two-year plus period of isolation.

What’s next for Australia?

Tim Soutphommasane,  a political expert at the University of Sydney says, “Australia is a trading nation; it’s an immigration nation. Our society, culture and economy are bound up in a globalized world. Australia should not be turning its back on the world now and become a hermit nation.” A country having more than 30% of its population as multicultural, it’s a challenge for the people to stay away from their families for so long. As Australia grapples with an uneasy tension, calls for a clear plan to reintegrate it into the world are mounting. People are demanding an exit plan to be implemented as they are in a limbo about their future.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison however has other views about the re-opening of borders. In a recent interview, he expressed the country could not use vaccinations alone as a reason to reopen borders. Asked if he would only open the borders when the entire world was vaccinated, the Prime Minister declared it a “moving situation” because “we can’t control what is happening in the rest of the world”.

Surely, we cannot control what is happening in the rest of the world, but we can learn to live with the virus and prepare for the new normal, perhaps.

World health organisation, which declared COVID-19 pandemic believes countries should keep borders open, trade & people moving despite coronavirus.

With the countries learning to open again and move on with the virus, do you think it will be too late for Australia to join in?

We believe Australia will ramp up its operations and soon we will be able to reunite all of you with your loved ones. When there’s hope, there is always a way! And nothing can stop us in being your best way home.

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.

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Stranded children in India can now be escorted home to Australia as restrictions ease

There are more than 209 children stuck in India today, separated from their parents due to COVID-19. It has been nothing but heartbreaking for the parents and children to stay away from each other.  

Flight disruptions and Australia’s border regulations on travel to and from India have been obstacles for parents wanting to reunite with their children. For the past 18 months, they have been looking for endless ways to bring their children back.  

Finally in some good news, changes to Australia’s travel restrictions comes as a ray of hope for the parents. The easing of restrictions provides more options for parents to bring their stranded children back home to Australia.

The Department of Home Affairs recently made revisions that expand travel exemptions to include people accompanying an Australian child back to Australia from India if the child’s parents are currently in Australia. This also allows people to apply for an exemption to travel from Australia to India to escort an unaccompanied minor back home.

According to an Australian Border Force official, “suitable people” could accompany Australian children back to their homes. They added, the adult should be a family member who knows the child and can take care of them “through their full duration of journey back to Australia.”

The families who have been granted an exemption to have their children brought from India to Australia expressed they are extremely relieved but wish for the procedure to be made easier for others.

Australian media has reported on a number of parents relying on people who have agreed to act as the child’s guardian during the flight. “The world is getting through this pandemic with kindness and humanity..I’m thankful to the person who got my child back”, says Harpinder who was separated from her child for 15 months. 

It is a beautiful gesture of people to accompany someone else’s children during the travel. After all, “the greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.”

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.


The Power of Social Media!

The true power of social media lies in its power to influence. Every aspect of life now exists online as well as “in real life.” Year after year, communication and organisation between people becomes easier, faster and more powerful. Social media helped us stay connected with our loved ones when the pandemic hit, it helped brands grow and helped people become stars overnight, how crazy is that? The power of social media is truly undeniable!

Social Media During COVID-19

In today’s times of social distancing, it is social media that socially connects us with everyone around the word. Be it interacting with the Insta family, seeking for jobs or education on LinkedIn or even posting dance tik-toks…there’s a place for everyone to be themselves in this world of social media.

When COVID-19 disrupted our lives, it was social media that helped Gaura Travel still be your best way home. Be it informing you about our chartered flights, sharing inspirational messages and visuals of our beloved community or even sharing joyful moments at the airport… it helped us stay strong and connected to you, no matter what.

World Social Media Day

World Social Media Day was launched by Mashable on June 30, 2010. It was born as a way to recognize social media’s impact on global communication and to bring the world together to celebrate it. It made reconnecting with classmates, past work associates, and even ancestors a reality!

The Internet has always loved food, and social media is no different. Using Pinterest, Tumblr, and WordPress, one can share and socialize about the latest accessible and exciting food trends. This may be the most addictive part of social media. One moment a picture of a perfectly baked cake comes across your news feed and in the next instant, a complete video detailing the recipe of this delicacy in 17 easy steps is provided for you. One tweet later and you are off to the baker. In a Snapchat -Instagram -Tumblr hour, you destroy your kitchen and end up with a Pinterest board titled “They Lied!” Jokes apart, social media is now truly a part of our lives.

In the end, the benefits and drawbacks of social media are determined by how we utilise it. Social media, when used correctly, can be a tremendous tool for change and communication.

While social media can help us interact with friends and family more effectively, it’s astonishing how reading comments and watching online material can also provide a fresh viewpoint. One of social media’s triumphs is breaking preconceptions and changing the way we think.

Social media and Gaura Travel have something in common – they both continue to make distances irrelevant in the world we live in.

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.