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Light up your travel plans this Diwali

Travel with us this Diwali and you can get up to $500 off

The winds of freedom are blowing and the entire nation is looking forward to travelling without the shackles of restrictions. Well, almost.

And the timing couldn’t be better. Around this time of the year, the Indian community goes into a state of festive overdrive. Through Navratri, Milad Un-Nabi, Dussehra and more, one can only imagine the volume of prayers and vibes that would have sent back into the Universe.

Finally, the Universe seems to have smiled.

A ‘$500’ gift from the Gaura Travel team

With the festival of lights, Diwali around the corner, brightness and happiness has returned in to many households. Many families now know that travelling to and from Australia is at its most relaxed since the pandemic first struck.

As if our $899 fares weren’t low enough already, we want to give our valued travellers more.

For the next ten days, Gaura Travel invites travellers to take part in a fun ‘Spin the Wheel’ activity on the website. And who knows, you might be one of many who can get up to $500 off your fare to India.

This is our way of sharing with you as you prepare to welcome the new rules of freedom (or should we say, lack of rules!).

What does this newfound freedom look like?

586 days. And NOT counting.

That’s right. It has been 586 days since Australia made it necessary for Australian travellers to apply for an exemption to leave Australia. Approval rates were low and many travellers found themselves trapped under the debris of rules and regulations, unable to be there for loved ones in India.

The toll on families and the mental health of the country, and even the world, was hanging by a bare thread. Think famine and then think that first drop of rain. That is what the country is experiencing right now.

Finally, the tables are turning and the human race finally stands a chance against the unseen villains of the virus race. Or at least it certainly feels like that.

Now Australian citizens and permanent residents across the entire country can leave the country without having to apply for exemptions.

Freedom(ish) at midnight.

On November 1 st, 2021, travellers with NSW as the destination, will awaken to newfound freedom. Freedom from hotel quarantine and COVID 19 testing. The only real condition is that travellers must be fully vaccinated. However, it is very important to note that the vaccine itself has to be approved by Australia’s TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

At this stage, India’s Covishield vaccine has been fully approved by the TGA. If your vaccine is not approved by the TGA, mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine conditions will still apply.

If you are looking to travel from India, maybe make it in time to celebrate Diwali with the family or for any reason are planning to travel to Sydney, get on to it immediately.

As always, speak to us if you have any questions.

Interstate Travel from Sydney

Sydney will be a designated ‘orange zone from November 1 which means that fully vaccinated travellers can travel into Victoria with a valid travel permit.

For other states, interstate travellers might still be subject to restrictions and quarantine arrangements of their home state if they intend to head back there.

500 reasons to celebrate!

Don’t forget: for the next ten days, Gaura Travel invites travellers to take part in a fun ‘Spin the Wheel’ activity on the website. And who knows, you might be one of many who can get up to $500 off your fare to India.

We have a large number of flight options to multiple destinations in India with fares as low as $899. Get on that phone, or hit our website and secure your seat. 

Enjoy the freedom, you deserve it.

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

As there are no quarantine or travel restrictions required in place, plan your journey to reunite with your family & friends with Gaura Travel in this year 2022. Find all available flights options with us.