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Singapore has taken off from the list of Omicron ‘At-risk’ nations

India has removed Singapore from the list of Omicron risk countries

The removal of Singapore from at-risk countries has become a big relief to the Indian diaspora due to pent up travel demand between Singapore and India.

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Singapore no longer in ‘at-risk’ list amid Omicron scare

The central government has removed Singapore from the list of ‘at-risk’ countries which allows international travellers to transfer through Singapore and will not need to undergo further Covid-19 tests or quarantine.

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The current list of ‘at-risk’ nations removes Singapore, by classifying it as one of the countries which can move through for international travellers.

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The Modi Government removes Singapore from ‘At-risk’ list amid Omicron threat

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Singapore dropped from India’s ‘at-risk’ nations list

On Thursday the Union Health Ministry has removed Singapore from the list of ‘at-risk’ countries, by allowing travellers from the Southeast Asian nation. Therefore, they will no longer require to go through additional quarantine measures upon arrival in India.

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In a statement, Singapore Airlines said that move from at-risk nations means “passengers arriving into India from Singapore will no longer subjected to additional arrival protocols specified for countries categorised as ‘at-risk’ by Indian authorities. These additional protocols include a mandatory on-arrival RT-PCR test and seven days of home quarantine, with a follow-up RT-PCR test on day eight.”

So is that the safest place to be at right now? You bet!

And we are pleased to share that we are there for you 24/ 7 and fly our charter flights over the time no matter what!


National Cabinet Meeting pursues to a suppression strategy

Recently, National Cabinet met to discuss Australia’s Covid-19 retort and concern on new Omicron strain.

According to the update of Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly, WHO has declared the Omicron variant first found in Southern Africa on 24 November 2021 and currently six cases have been detected in Australia. All cases found in Australia have mild symptoms or asymptomatic and are in quarantine.

Australia’s Covid-19 vaccine roll out continue to increase and up to date over 39.2 million Covid-19 vaccines doses have been administrated in Australia. National Cabinet noted that majority of susceptible population have received their Covid-19 vaccines and Australia has sufficient supplies of booster shots available in regarding to vaccine roll out program.

Omicron variant and government response

Professor Paul Kelly further advised that Australia is in the initial stage of understanding the new Omicron variant, and at this stage there’s inadequate evidence that vaccines and treatments are less effective against Omicron than other variants. Hence, there’s no clear evidence at this stage that Omicron is a more acute disease.

Therefore, the Commonwealth and states have already acted on medical advice to implement travel restrictions, revised quarantine, and home isolation requirements. The Commonwealth has implemented a temporary travel ban on non-citizens from Southern Africa entering to Australia and Australians return from Southern Africa countries are required to undergo 14 days quarantine under state or territory public health requirements.

Further the Commonwealth has postponed the reopening to international skilled and student visa cohorts and humanitarian visa holders from 1 December up until 15 December as these are temporary precautions to safeguard the national boarders of Australia.

Though, existing plans will continue for Australians, permanent residents, immediate family including parents and other exempt visa holders including travelers through the New Zealand and Singapore safe travel zones and Pacific Labor Scheme participants.

Isn’t it exciting to hear that the National Cabinet agreed that the Commonwealth and the state governments will continue to pursue a suppression strategy, stating the objective is to limit the rate of Omicron invasions into Australia, rather than going back to lock downs?

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100 reasons to ‘return’ to India with Singapore Airlines

For a while, it was impossible to travel more than 5km from our houses, especially in Melbourne. At that point, the (almost) 10,000 kms that stood between India and Melbourne felt like a few light years away.

But not anymore. The boundaries have melted away and travel between India and Australia has returned as close to normalcy as possible.

Singapore Airlines, the designate ruler of the clouds, has once again been united with the skies. And with more opportunities to avail the Singapore Airlines experience, it means that you can and must book your return travel today.

Book your return fares with us today

Book with Gaura Travel and you can now avail $100 off your return fare through Singapore Airlines! But hurry this is a  limited-time offer, so get in before it is too late.

To avail the discount, use the offer code: RETURN100 at checkout and you can immediately avail the discount.

Now you can not only travel to where home is, but you can also plan your safe return back to Australia. All the more, when you travel with Singapore Airlines, you can once again receive top-of-the-class service, both in-flight and at the award-winning Changi International Airport.

Over the last two years, two aspects of travel have been a source of a great deal of stress, but not anymore.

No exemptions. No quarantine.

Ever since travel became complicated, one of the most common sources of confusion and stress was the need to apply for exemptions. Over the last two years, our team has been submerged with questions but our 24/7 call centre has helped numerous passengers travel to and back from India.

But the great news is that passengers don’t need to worry about exemptions anymore. Speak to us about your situation to get further clarity if required.

The other added element that created concerns for travellers was having to undergo hotel quarantine – there have been many horror stories about the ‘then mandatory’ 14-day stay in a hotel without any human connection.

Ever since travel became complicated, one of the most common sources of confusion and stress was the need to apply for exemptions. Over the last two years, our team has been submerged with questions but our 24/7 call centre has helped numerous passengers travel to and back from India.

But the great news is that passengers don’t need to worry about exemptions anymore. Speak to us about your situation to get further clarity if required.

The other added element that created concerns for travellers was having to undergo hotel quarantine – there have been many horror stories about the ‘then mandatory’ 14-day stay in a hotel without any human connection.

Talk to us

As always, the rules and regulations are changing rapidly. We live and breathe travel, so we are happy to answer your questions. Don’t forget that we are open 24/7 and are there to help you out. Call us, Australia: 1300 359 463, India: 91 8585 027 970.



It is true when they say, the road to success is never easy. You will fall. You will fail. You will struggle, but in the end, this difficult road will lead you to beautiful destinations.

Every day, we at Gaura Travel, wake up with only one mission in our hearts, to be your best way home.  Yes, we faced a million challenges. Our flights got delayed and cancelled due to Australia’s travel ban with India. We had to push all our bookings to the next available flights. Yes, we were stuck. But guess what? not anymore.

We have done it in the past, and we will do it again! When we ran the first and largest repatriation flights from Australia to India, we never thought we would reunite 12,000 families but we did! We left no stone unturned to make it possible! And now it is time to do it again.

Australia’s travel ban with India

In April, India became the epicentre of the global pandemic when the second wave of COVID-19 overwhelmed the whole country. On 27 April, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Australia shut its borders with India. Even travellers from India—including citizens—were barred from entering the country.

On one hand, we struggled with the India travel ban and on the other, our flights with transits in Malaysia and Singapore were disrupted as the respective countries decided to close their borders with India as well. Unfortunately, with a heavy heart we had to reschedule our flights and wait for things to get better. When Australia decided to lift the travel ban with India, only Qantas was permitted to fly the passengers from India to Australia. We still waited to get our green signal to operate our charter flights from India to Australia.

We knocked the doors of several airlines so that we could work around something, we just knew we couldn’t give up. Finally, after pulling out all the stops, we were fortunate to collaborate with Srilankan airlines and Indigo airlines to carry out our flight operations from India to Australia.

Yes, they are right when they say that tough times never last, but tough people do. Its time to  rejoice guys! We know you have waited long for this. Fasten your seatbelts because it is time to get you back to the land down under!

Our flight from India to Australia just departed!


We are extremely joyous to share that our flight from India to Australia took off on 13th and 16th July! Nothing makes us happier as this marks as our 60th charter flight in our repatriation journey. This wouldn’t have been possible without your trust in us. 

It is a moment of glory, that we are the first travel agents in Australia to operate a charter flight after the upliftment of Australia’s travel ban with India. Just like we were the first to repatriate 12,000 people last year!

New Flights from India to Australia

Our next flight from India to Australia is on 02 August! Hurry! As only 09 seats are left now! Other flights on sale are scheduled on 09,16,23 and 30 August! Yes, we can’t stop and won’t stop!

Travelling can be challenging in these uncertain times. We understand you and your worries. that is why we are with you at every step of your journey.

Additional Benefits

Our 24×7 call centres are always open to answer all your queries and be there for you be it 1pm or 1am in the night.

If you are worried about your change of plans, then let us take your stress off! Our tickets are completely refundable and flexible! you can always modify them accordingly.

With our multiple cities option, you have the choice to book your ticket from whichever city you prefer, be it Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, or Hyderabad.

We understand how frustrating it can be to fit everything under 30kgs! It is never enough! But with us, you get additional 5kgs…because we know every kg counts, right?

If this is not enough, with the globally renowned hospitable service of Sri Lankan Airways, we will make sure your flight is nothing but seamless! Wondering about the in-flight facilities? The In-flight entertainment will be available for you and delicious vegetarian meals will be provided.

We know you have waited a lot for this! So what are you waiting for? Book your flight with us today and let us be your best way home! Keep an eye out on our flights as they get booked out in minutes! We are prepared for all the challenges, we are ready! We can’t stop and won’t stop!

For more details on the flights please visit our website –

It’s time to be positive guys! Let our perseverance be the engine and hope our fuel. We will make it.


How Is The World Dealing With Covid-19?

How is Australia dealing with Covid-19?

Travel is all set to make a comeback. As countries reach a new phase of the pandemic based on their vaccination coverage and policies, plans to open travel are taking place around the world. This involves a change drifting away from border closures or lockdowns and going in favour of coercive tactics and incentives to get people vaccinated. This also includes easing quarantine restrictions for those who have received the vaccine.

Australia has been one of the world’s Covid success stories, with infection rates approaching zero and most people going about their daily lives as usual. Australia’s tough conservative strategy has undoubtedly saved lives, but there are fears that same approach may now leave it isolated in comparison to other countries.

Known as the land of adventure, fun and beauty, concerns are that with the prolonged shut down from the world, Australia might lose its character of being an open and free country. Ernst and Young, an accounting firm, estimates that Australia’s economy is losing A$7.6bn (£4.18bn; $5.9bn) a month from the closed borders. With this, not only Australia is facing struggles with the economy but also its eminence around the globe.  

How are other countries dealing with Covid-19?

Countries like England, Canada and Singapore have reached a good number of vaccinations with Canada fully vaccinating 14% of its population, Singapore 35% and England 47%. Unfortunately, Australia had a slow roll out of the vaccine and is lagging with only vaccinating 3.3% of its population.

In France, some visitors –including Australians – no longer have to even take a COVID test as long as they are fully vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine. From early July Canada is expected to exempt quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers, including non-Canadians. Amid this, claims are that Australia will not open its borders until mid-2022, implying a two-year plus period of isolation.

What’s next for Australia?

Tim Soutphommasane,  a political expert at the University of Sydney says, “Australia is a trading nation; it’s an immigration nation. Our society, culture and economy are bound up in a globalized world. Australia should not be turning its back on the world now and become a hermit nation.” A country having more than 30% of its population as multicultural, it’s a challenge for the people to stay away from their families for so long. As Australia grapples with an uneasy tension, calls for a clear plan to reintegrate it into the world are mounting. People are demanding an exit plan to be implemented as they are in a limbo about their future.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison however has other views about the re-opening of borders. In a recent interview, he expressed the country could not use vaccinations alone as a reason to reopen borders. Asked if he would only open the borders when the entire world was vaccinated, the Prime Minister declared it a “moving situation” because “we can’t control what is happening in the rest of the world”.

Surely, we cannot control what is happening in the rest of the world, but we can learn to live with the virus and prepare for the new normal, perhaps.

World health organisation, which declared COVID-19 pandemic believes countries should keep borders open, trade & people moving despite coronavirus.

With the countries learning to open again and move on with the virus, do you think it will be too late for Australia to join in?

We believe Australia will ramp up its operations and soon we will be able to reunite all of you with your loved ones. When there’s hope, there is always a way! And nothing can stop us in being your best way home.

Charter Flights

Gaura Travel reuniting 10,000 families during COVID-19

The start of the journey…

Gaura Travel a Melbourne-based travel company founded 14 years ago, decided in June last year to face the challenges that COVID-19 brought during 2020. When no commercial flights were operating to India and the whole world was in lockdown, Abhishek and Ashwini Sonthalia (CEOs & founders of Gaura Travel) repatriated Indian citizens from Australia with the help of their team. Since then, the agency has operated more than 40 charter flights reuniting 10,000 families.

Like any other travel company in Australia, Gaura Travel had to close its offices during the first lockdown at the end of march in 2020, however the contact center continued operating 24/7 to solve the doubts of the customers when the confinements started. The future looked tough; the sales decreased to zero and many refunds had been issued due to the unfeasibility of running flights. The uncertainty of this moment in time made the owners and their employees’ resilience more prominent than ever. They had to find new alternatives to keep the travel agency running. Ashwini and Abhishek started to knock on the doors of airlines and government institutions (in Australia and India) seeking for a way to help those in need of travel. After a couple of months, they got support from the Indian Consulate in Melbourne, Singapore Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air to operate the firsts repatriation charter flights to India.

The idea was to create a couple of flights to find the best way home for Indians who wanted to return to their country. It was a big surprise for the company when those first two flights got booked out immediately. That was the moment when Gaura Travel opened more monthly flights from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide to the main cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and many more without knowing how long it would be possible to keep doing it for.

A milestone for Gaura Travel

Last Friday, February 5th 2021, Akash Rajput an International Student of Deakin University became the 10,000th passenger of the repatriation charter flights to India from Australia organized by Gaura Travel. This accomplishment made the agency the largest operator of this new charter flight industry. “We didn’t know when we started everything that it would get this far, so it’s all thanks to the support of our customers and our team… we are going to continue on this mission of reuniting as many families as we can…” said Ashwini at Melbourne Airport when he congratulated Akash for being the passenger 10,000 who also got an upgrade of his ticket to Business Class.

“Mr. Raj Kumar, the Consul General of India in Melbourne one day told me, you will get plenty of opportunities in your life to make money but take this as an opportunity to make blessings” expressed Abhishek later the same day during the celebration event of “Reuniting 10,000 families”. The event was organized by the agency which included the attendance of people from the Indian community, the travel industry, the presence of Raj Kumar (Consul General of India in Victoria) and the Gaura Travel team members.

10,000 families have been reunited in India during the last 7 months thanks to the effort of Gaura Travel and the support of the Indian Consulate in Melbourne, Singapore Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air. The travel agency will organize charter flights for at least the next couple of months (February and March), trying to continue reuniting more than 10,000 families in India during the first quarter of 2021.

Book your tickets from Australia to India on

Charter Flights

100 Charter Flights And Many More!

Today we operated our 100th charter flight!

In the month of March 2020, under great adversity, we summoned the will and along with the support and blessings of some great well-wishers, we operated our first charter flight.

We weren’t so sure back then how many we would fly. Hey, a part of us wasn’t even sure if we’d have another plane in the air again!

But we persevered. Our backs were against the wall, but we made room for courage. We banked upon the goodwill of our passengers and lone behold, today we flew our 100th charter flight!

We can hardly believe that we actually scored a century of charters and we have you, our valued passengers to thank.

We thank you for allowing us to bring you closer to your loved ones and we’re grateful for the faith you’ve placed in us.

Honourable Stories From Our ‘Charter Chapter’

In February 2021, we flew our 10,00oth passenger through our charter planes.

We still remember talking to our 10,00oth passenger at the airport just as he was about to board the plane. We offered him a business class ticket and the joy he expressed remains indescribable.

Since then we’ve flown well over 15,000 passengers and continue to reunite families and loved ones.

Bigger and Bigger Goals

Over the years, we have accomplished all of the goals we have set for Gaura Travel. We’re astounded by the progress we’ve made so far and how many families and loved ones we’ve reunited.

During 2020, we’ve pushed ourselves to set bigger and bigger goals, ultimately offering the best service possible.

Our commitment to you will always remain the same.

Want to travel, but haven’t booked you flights?

We still have a few charter flights in operation, flying through Singapore. But we are also taking bookings for some commercial flights through other airlines in the new year!

So what are you waiting for?

Book your flights now at Gaura Travel or speak to our friendly staff to get further information regarding the current rules and regulations.

We are open 24/7! Get in touch.