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In nearly two years, Australia has finally opened its borders for international visitors and tourists

Australia has imposed one of the strictest restrictions and travel bans since March 2020 due to COVID-19, but this is all changing today. Prime Minister Scott Morrison celebrates the opening of Australian Borders with a cheerful and optimistic smile. Fully vaccinated travellers and all visa holders can travel down under. The Prime Minister said the condition is you must be double vaccinated to come to Australia,” as he reiterates the rules and expects all travellers to abide by it.

Wait is over for International travellers

This is the perfect opportunity for international families and friends to reunite in Australia as the borders opening is a wonderful news for international families patiently waiting to visit their family. This good news brings forth and opportunity to explore and discover new destinations within Australia, “This is the exciting announcement the aviation sector has been waiting for,” Australian Airports Association (AAA) Chief Executive James Goodwin said.

With the reopening of Australia, international travelers have a few things to look out for, double vaccinated individuals no longer require to quarantine where as unvaccinated passengers are required to complete a 14-day hotel quarantine at their own expense and require a valid travel exemption. Unvaccinated travelers will be subject to state and territory quarantine requirements.

Western Australia opens on 3rd March 2022

Over 50 international planes are scheduled to land on Monday 21st February as all international travellers can enter all Australian states except Western Australia. Western Australia is set to open its borders on the 3rd of March and will require visitors to be vaccinated by the COVID-19 booster shot. Majority of Australian citizens were allowed to fly back since last year, but foreigners and tourists have had to wait the gruelling duration of international travel bans due to the widespread pandemic.

Charter Flights

100 Charter Flights And Many More!

Today we operated our 100th charter flight!

In the month of March 2020, under great adversity, we summoned the will and along with the support and blessings of some great well-wishers, we operated our first charter flight.

We weren’t so sure back then how many we would fly. Hey, a part of us wasn’t even sure if we’d have another plane in the air again!

But we persevered. Our backs were against the wall, but we made room for courage. We banked upon the goodwill of our passengers and lone behold, today we flew our 100th charter flight!

We can hardly believe that we actually scored a century of charters and we have you, our valued passengers to thank.

We thank you for allowing us to bring you closer to your loved ones and we’re grateful for the faith you’ve placed in us.

Honourable Stories From Our ‘Charter Chapter’

In February 2021, we flew our 10,00oth passenger through our charter planes.

We still remember talking to our 10,00oth passenger at the airport just as he was about to board the plane. We offered him a business class ticket and the joy he expressed remains indescribable.

Since then we’ve flown well over 15,000 passengers and continue to reunite families and loved ones.

Bigger and Bigger Goals

Over the years, we have accomplished all of the goals we have set for Gaura Travel. We’re astounded by the progress we’ve made so far and how many families and loved ones we’ve reunited.

During 2020, we’ve pushed ourselves to set bigger and bigger goals, ultimately offering the best service possible.

Our commitment to you will always remain the same.

Want to travel, but haven’t booked you flights?

We still have a few charter flights in operation, flying through Singapore. But we are also taking bookings for some commercial flights through other airlines in the new year!

So what are you waiting for?

Book your flights now at Gaura Travel or speak to our friendly staff to get further information regarding the current rules and regulations.

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