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Masks mandates no longer in effect on domestic and international travel

Due to the ongoing pandemic, mask mandates during air travel have become the norm, often to the annoyance and discomfort of travellers everywhere. Well, ‘The Great Unmasking’ is now here!
As of September 9th, Australia’s Federal Department of Health has advised that masks are no longer required during air travel.  As a result, all flights travelling to Australia on or after 12.01am on 9th September 2022 (AEST) will no longer require its passengers to wear a face mask during the duration of the flight.

This change will affect all domestic flights within Australia, as well as international flights travelling to Australia. There is an exception to this, however, as different destinations may have their own mandates and requirements, certain flights travelling from Australia will still require the wearing of masks for the duration of the flight. Therefore, the Department of Health advises that travellers should be aware of the local requirements and restrictions of their destination prior to their departure.

On all Qantas flights enroute to London, Rome and the USA, mask mandates during air travel have been lifted. In addition, all flights operating through Singapore Airlines will also no longer require its passengers to wear masks, however this may also depend on the destination of your flight. While flights operating to and from Singapore, the USA, the UK, France, Switzerland, Thailand and New Zealand do not require its passengers to wear masks, travellers are advised to check the requirements of their planned destinations and follow the local health advice accordingly.

Domestic airlines have been encouraging passengers to wear facemasks on local flights since May 2020, and in the year following the federal government ruled it as a mandatory requirement on all domestic flights from and within certain states and territories. However, since mid-June this year, airports across Australia have announced that wearing masks is optional, and now that this choice has spread to within the aeroplane itself, travellers will be overjoyed knowing that they will be able to fly comfortably to the land Down Under.

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