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India is flattening the curve

Cases are decreasing
Since India’s 3rd COVID-19 wave peak in January 2022, the total weekly cases are on a steady decline. The record low of 10,000 weekly cases has been the first since April 2020. The pandemic is currently at its lowest point in nearly two years since the initial lockdown.

Consistency is key
The consistent decrease in the pandemic’s effects is a crucial indicator that everyone is doing their part to keep each other safe in India. The decrease also means a much safer place for families and loved ones to reunite again. Travelling to India is made easier with lessened restrictions to accommodate people’s urge to return to normalcy.

Travellers are eager to travel to India to reunite with their family and loved ones and have been patiently waiting for borders to open and restrictions to ease. The decrease in total weekly cases and mortalities in India indicates the determination and hard work the whole nation is putting in to achieve balance.

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Be Travel Ready
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Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

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