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INDIA no longer in the bracket of ‘high risk’ for Australia, travel restrictions are now back to the worldwide settings.

We have another reason to rejoice now! Another reason to celebrate! On August 10th, the Australian government removed India from its list of “high risk” countries and lifted additional restrictions on outgoing and incoming travel from the country. This step has been taken due to the dramatic decline in daily COVID cases in the country.

This comes as a great news and a breather for us as we proceed in our aim to reunite you with your loved ones.

The number of overseas acquired cases with a country of acquisition of India has stayed far below thresholds of concern since the resumption of government sponsored repatriation flights from India on 15 May 2021, says a federal Department of Health spokesperson.

A halt in flights from India, as well as improved pre-departure arrangements, allowed the number of cases from that country to be reduced to a manageable level. Well, this is great news! We are back in the safe bracket.

Impact on temporary visa holders stuck in India

Until 9 August, people looking for an exemption for travel to or from India could only be permitted in limited situations due to the unprecedented spread of COVID-19.

However, as the number of new cases in India decreases, the Australian government has broadened the exemption rules to accommodate more reasons for travel to and from India. This has provided much-needed relief to Australian citizens and permanent residents seeking outward travel exemptions, as well as temporary visa holders stranded in India and yearning to come home.

The Plan Ahead

More than 10,000 people are stuck in India, who are wanting to get back to the land down under. This brings a ray of hope, particularly for families who have been separated from their loved ones for long. The temporary residents are hoping this development works in favour of them and improves their chances at getting inward travel exemptions, so they can continue the lives that they had painstakingly built in Australia.

Well, where there is a will, there is a way. We are here to get you a step closer to your destination be it Australia to India, or India to Australia!

Sit back and Relax. We are here to be your best way home. 

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