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Skies reopen, Indians flock to airlines desks

Many flights, even more memories!
International flights will be resuming after a two-year gap. From Sunday 27th March, over 3,249 weekly flights will be operating from India. As the bubble systems are easing for travel destinations, there is an increase in connecting flights, due to the increase, airfares will decrease to a manageable price for example Gaura Travel currently has an offer from India to Australia from just $899 – to book your flights visit Gaura Travel Flights. IndiGo will have the highest international departures on a standalone basis among all airlines, operating 505 weekly flights.

“Very important day’ said Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia as the airline industry returns to normalcy. An important day not just for the aviation companies but also for the common man. Many individuals have been separated from loved ones due to the inability to travel overseas. The relaxation of restrictions is a piece of welcomed news for everyone as airline companies resume to full capacity from the 27th of March.

Short and sweet
As the restrictions are easing, foreign airlines will be able to offer one-stop layovers for travellers flying from India to the rest of the world. Airlines will be utilizing their air hubs to make travellers’ journeys as short as possible as the ‘air bubble’ arrangements meant a longer overall travel time between destinations.

Shorter travel times indicate lesser travel fares, offering an unmissable opportunity for everyone to travel. Though air ticket prices will not lower to pre-COVID-19 costs, they will remain at a comfortable median.

Hello World! India is back in the game
Multiple airlines have applied for approval of their international schedules for this summer which will be effective from the 27th of March to 29th October. Senior DGGA Official said “A total of 1,466 departures per week by six Indian carries have been approved to 43 destinations in 27 countries” offering an endless selection of destinations for travellers to choose from. After a long 2-year gap between pre and post COVID-19 individuals and families are eager to reunite with their loved ones.

Indira Gandhi International Airport is the country’s largest airport, located in the national capital of India is set to witness a significant increase in departures in the first week of April. As Indian carriers are prepared for normal international flights, various foreign airlines, including Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, and LOT Polish have announced their plans to offer flights to and from India.

India is back in the airline game, pushing full steam ahead to get travellers to their destinations and welcome tourists. Sunday 27th of March signifies a monumental day as airlines return to normalcy and resume overseas flights.

Your travel is our best interest
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