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Navigating Affordable Airlines for India to Australia Travel

Staying away from your loved ones can be very difficult at times. But travelling across the country to meet them is one of the best feelings. If you travel often, it must be very critical to find affordable flight deals from India to Australia and also from Australia to India. Let us answer a few questions to help you find the right airline for your trip back home!

When are flights starting from India to Australia?

Well, the wait is over! All flights from India to Australia are now resumed, everything has gone back to normal after the borders have been opened. 

When should I book a flight to Australia?

Booking last minute flights can turn out to be very expensive. It is favourable to book your tickets at least 2 months in advance. Moreover, the flight rates increase during peak months. Hence, make sure you consider the travel season and booking time frames while looking for the best flight deals.

Which destination should I book the flight to from India?

Flights from India to Australia fly across multiple cities in the countries. However, airlines flying from major cities in both countries prove to be comparatively cheaper. Hence, you can book your flight tickets from India to major Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide to get the best flight deals! 

Which Airline is the best from India to Australia?

While there are multiple airlines that fly from India to Australia, there are some that offer direct flights to major cities in Australia (flight time approx. 12 hours) and others which offer connecting flights with one or more layovers. 

It is favourable to book your flight tickets 2 months in advance to find the flight that best suits you. Check out GDeals to book your flights at affordable prices!

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