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Pilot Plan to Welcome International Students in NSW, Will Start in the Second Half of 2021

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet affirmed today that NSW Health and NSW Police had been approved a Pilot Plan to allow International Students to come back to Australia. The plan will start on the second half of 2021, and it will intend to receive 250 International Students fortnightly.

The first students would arrive in August 2021 in Charter Flights, and they would not take seats off from the commercial flights for Australians returning to the country. The students would have the same quarantine requirements as any other returning traveller, but they will stay in a special accommodation with 600 beds and Universities will cover all the costs.

The NSW authorities will aim to increase at the end of the year, the number of students arriving every 2 weeks from 250 to 500 students. The idea is to rescue the $14 billion that the students bring to the state every year.

“Typically, we have more than 250,000 international students studying in NSW each year and they directly supported over 95,000 local jobs prior to the pandemic. If we don’t act fast, students will turn to other overseas destinations, and it could take the sector decades to recover.” said Mr. Perrottet.

“This program has carefully considered the personal, social and academic aspects of our students to ensure they successfully resume their studies and rejoin NSW’s vibrant multicultural community as soon as possible.” said Professor Barney Glover, NSW Vice-Chancellors’ Committee.

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