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Ever wondered why domestic travel within Australia scores on top of everyone’s bucket list?

It is a land of colours and contrasts: from the red dusty outback to green lushy landscapes, from tropical rainforests to alpine mountain ranges, from vineyards to the most breath taking beaches in the world -the ultimate land of dreams awaits you.

And its time to holiday here, this year!!

With our special day tours, explore some of the country’s most epic destinations and discover your most relaxing vacation yet.

Blue Mountains

Ever wondered if the blue mountains are actually blue? Oh yes, they are!

One of the most popular and iconic day trips from Sydney, the Blue Mountains are a spectacular display of natural New South Wales at its finest.

Leave the concrete jungles behind and breathe in the fresh air and awe-inspiring blue views. Covered with picturesque lookouts, it is a perfect combination of towering forests and dramatic cliffs. Stretching over a million acres of wondrous adventures, you can always count on the blue mountains for a good time.  

Blessed with the sights of Three Sisters and Scenic World, as well as the wildlife at Sydney Zoo, Blue Mountains is a trip you will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Let’s witness pure heaven on earth and dive into the blues.

Great Ocean Road

Is it even possible to travel within Australia and not visit the Great Ocean Road?

One of the world’s most spectacular drives, Great Ocean Road winds past pristine beaches, lush rainforests and the iconic Twelve Apostles. Along the drive are some incredibly popular attractions, small coastal towns and an abundance of wildlife.  The Great Ocean Road has a plethora of hidden gems, that you can explore time and time again.

Phillip Island

Planning to wind down after a long week? There’s no place other than Phillip Island you’d rather visit. Located around 140kms from Melbourne CBD in southern Victoria, Phillip Island has something special to offer to everyone. Be it the immaculate beaches or the exciting Penguin Parade, the island’s natural beauty is an obvious standout! The stunning beaches, cliffside, wetland and pasture are all jaw-droppingly beautiful. From the nature parks to the hikes, surfing to cycling, there are a lot of wonderful things to do on Phillip Island that involve the outdoors.

Mount Buller

The snow season is upon us which means it’s time to get excited for an incredible day out in the Winter Wonderland, Mt Buller! You’ll always remember your excursion to the most picturesque and adventurous mountains in Australia. You and those magical snowflakes make for a terrific combination! Added to that, skiing and snowboarding down the best slopes, roasting marshmallows in the town fire pits while tuning in to unrecorded music, and a wide range of food and drinks.

If you haven’t been to any of these places, now is the time to tick them off your Bucket List!

Don’t forget to send us photos from your trips.

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