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The joy of coming back home

No matter how good life may turn out to be at your second home, with all your dreams being achieved little by little, there is truly no place like home.

Coming back home, no matter how many times you have done it, will always be special and something to look forward to; no matter how long the journey takes place or the time and energy that must be spent.

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Warm Embrace

The warm hug of a family, where the love radiates even without words being uttered, is incomparable to the cutting-edge technology that strives to unite distant hearts by enabling real-time talks.

Coming home means visiting family, rekindling the connection that may have dimmed here and there due to miles spent apart.

Sharing stories about the time passed when in-person presence was impossible would be the bittersweet highlight of the trip back home; how you wish you were there to witness it with your eyes yet at the same time, you feel proud that your loved ones were able to go through it on their own, at their own feet.

Spending quality time with loved ones is one of life’s greatest treasures


What other way to perfect your trip back home other than cooking the dishes that make up the memories of your childhood?

The delicious smell of Biryani and Mutton Rogan that would make your mouth water in delight. Scooping the beloved food will be able to bring back happy memories spent at home back in the younger days.

Check out the recipes of Indian dishes that are perfect to be cooked together with your relatives here.

Places to Visit

Who says that you cannot be a tourist at your own home? There are indeed many places to discover in India that just wait to be discovered by you along with your family.

Visiting the pink city of Jaipur is a popular family favourite activity. Jaipur is a stunning desert city with charming antique structures that are a dusty pink colour. In this city, there are many things to do, such as stroll the streets, savor the cuisine, and visit the Amber Fort.

Moreover, be sure to visit the Langar Hall, the community eating facility where all guests, including Indians and foreigners, are welcome to enter for a basic but wonderful free meal that is available nearly at any time.

Come back home now and experience all the things that you have missed while living in your second home.

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