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India Travel Ban to end on May 15, Scott Morrison confirms

Scott Morrison made it clear that this morning he wants repatriation flights to start on May 15 in out of India. “When travel pause begins and I expect to be the finding of National Security of Cabinet today, and I did predict this on last couple of days.” Mr. Clennell said.

Mr. Clennell said. With the 4th paragraph of press release put up by Health Minister Greg Hunt on Friday night would say that there would be up to 5 years in jail for Australians returning from India without 14 days in a 3rd country if they may come before May 15. Prime Minister blames media for highlighting that.

PM Blames media amid India Backlash

“I would argue that perhaps you may make a mistake that in emphasising punishment, which is what happened, would you agree was that a mistake?” asked by Mr. Clennell. Prime Minister said that “We didn’t. But media did that. There was a simple statement of what is bio-security act as the way affect. This is not something was said by Greg or me or someone else speak up on. In the media, they highlighted it. There are highly remote and strange from those extensions”.

As Scott Morrison further stated, the government’s controversial ban, which made it as an offence for individuals try to return back to Australia who staying in India within the prior 14 days, began on Monday and finishes by 15th May. “The original decision to put in place that bio-security order until the 15th of May has proved very effective, and it will run its full course until that time without any change,” he said.

There are 9000 Australians who registered under Department of Foreign Affairs and Trades, Canberra and firstly they will give priority to repatriate 900 of vulnerable cases now. Prime Minister Morrison said they are anticipating another three repatriation flights before end of this month, to get back vulnerable Australians from India.

Currently, every Australians understand that’s decision by national government to try to strengthen Australian quarantine system, they are all aware that it has been so crucial to keep Australia safe during this crisis. However, authorities are expected that recent active cases in quarantine system will be at zero, or close to, by May 15.

No word on Commercial Flights

At the moment, Prime minister did not make any decision about commercial flights from India and would take further action on that next week. Further he mentioned that “What’s important is that the bio-security order that we have put in place has been highly effective, it’s doing the job that we needed it to do,”.

Looking at the brighter side, from May 15, all flights from India to Australia will resume back in operation.

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