Australia will recognize higher education degrees completed in India.

The partnership between India and Australia is set to grow
It appears as though the world is returning to some sort of normalcy after the pandemic, on the 22nd March 2022, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi took part in a virtual meeting to discuss the mutual growth for the two countries as Australia is set to invest over $200 million to bump up the economic relations with India. This investment will include partnerships in education, research, green steel, and space.

One of the prominent issues which take Indian international students by halt is the official recognition of their higher education qualification. Proving it tedious to even repeat a few classes to level up to Australia’s education grade. Australia recognizing degrees completed in India exhibits that Indian students continue to be a vital part of Australia’s community. This new advancement will allow international students to use their completed Indian degrees in Australia, giving them a great opportunity to travel to Australia.

Students will be able to travel between Australia and India with no limitations on validating their overseas qualifications.

The two-way degree recognition arrangement truly eases the transition process for students wanting to continue studying in India or Australia, allowing them mobility, web, and in-person blended learning. Coming as a much-needed bonus for international students, ‘This is very important for us because of the number of Indian students in Australia. Mutual recognitions mean you can do a degree in Australia, and it’ll be recognized in India as well.’ Says Mr. Harsh V Shringla, India’s Foreign Secretary.

The new arrangements promise consistent career growth for all Indian International students as there are plenty of career paths in Australia, laying the groundwork for those who wish to study overseas. It is also a great head start for students to plan their travel to Australia or India.

The task force will deliver a mechanism for education qualification recognition between India and Australia by the end of the year, with implementation taking place in 2023.

Opportunity to travel & an economic partnership
Australia’s tourism industry is bound to gain some serious traction from India in the following years due to the investment. Benefiting from investment, international students and travellers will be greeted with much more opportunity than ever. Australia and India are bridging the gap in more than you think, the social and economic growth will grant a bright future for individuals wanting to travel. The multi-million-dollar investment proves to be a substantial growth for the tourism industry.

As the solidarity between the two countries serves as a gateway for more travel opportunities. Economic growth is a leeway to support jobs and business in both countries. The support for jobs and businesses means that there is a mutual connection for individuals from India and Australia.

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