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Find The Cheapest Flights to Australia from India

The land down under, although beautiful, is almost 8,000 kilometres away from India. Hence, planning a trip to Australia can become very daunting, and even expensive. But worry no more! We have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve that would help you plan your trip in a smooth and cheapest possible way. 

The Cheapest Month to fly to Australia

Being a comparatively cooler month, the cheapest month to fly to Australia is August. Late July to early September faces winter in many parts of the country which doesn’t make it favourable for most people. However, if you want to take advantage of the cooler weather, August is the month for you! On the other hand, the time from November to January is the peak season to visit Australia. Hence, planning a trip from late July to August would definitely save some money.

The Best Day to fly to Australia

It has been observed that Tuesday is the best day to fly to Australia. While weekends are expensive days to fly, booking your flights on odd days like Tuesdays and Wednesdays proves to be cheaper. Most people prefer to work during the midweek and travel on the weekends. This makes flights on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays more expensive. 

The Best Airline to fly from India to Australia

While there are multiple airlines that fly from major cities in India to Australia at affordable prices, the airlines which are the cheapest are Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines. These airlines offer great deals to fly to and from India and Australia. To add to that, GDeals are offering great deals to fly to and from the land down under with these airlines! Check out the limited deals on our website! 

The Cheapest City to fly to in Australia

Although it is one of the busiest cities in Australia, Sydney is also the cheapest city to fly into the country. The airport is very close to the city centre making it even more convenient. Flights from major cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai or Bangalore prove to be cheaper when flying to Sydney. However, you can also find affordable flights to other major cities in Australia like Brisbane and Melbourne. Check out GDeals to know more about flights from India to these major cities!

Hope these tips make your trip down under a memorable one! Once again, don’t miss out on the GDeals while booking your tickets! Fly Grand, Fly Gaura.

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