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Why you need a new ‘return booking’ strategy

Over the many decades that we have all been travelling, it has almost always been a case of booking a return fare, as opposed to buying two single fares simply because a ‘bundle’ has always been cheaper than the individual parts.

But the last two years have proved that our decades of travelling experience count for nothing.

The Australian Government has announced its imminent plans to open international borders, resulting in a flood of eager travellers who are ready to book and ready to fly.

But a word of caution. Actually, a few words of caution. Choosing the ‘return bundle’ is no longer   the best option. Not right now anyway.

Making any predictions into the future is a risky proposition, especially in the world of travel. But we can explain what all of this means for you in the present-day scenario with a great deal of certainty.

Booking a flight OUT of Australia to India, is by far the cheapest option. As you are aware, airfares are a complex function of several variables, and at present the rates will be low.

But what about the return leg? As things stand, flying back into Australia is an expensive option.

Again, there is very little travel agencies like us can do about it, owing to numerous external factors out of anyone’s control.

I haven’t seen my family in years

We hear you. Which is why we recommend the following:

If you are travelling to India to visit family and friends, we suggest you wait until the return fares become normalised and then book your way back to Australia.

As our customers, you will be the first to know of the changes in the return fares.

Over the last two years, numerous families have been separated geographically. Let us put an end to all the waiting, to all the ‘I miss you’ messages, to the yearning thoughts about loved ones – let us put you on a flight to the country that continues to live on in your heart.

But if you don’t have to rush back to Australia, then we suggest, you wait and watch. While none of us have a crystal ball to read the future, what we know is that as both India and Australia continue to march towards their vaccination targets, the restrictions on the number of passengers will change, along with a few other factors.

It will only become easier to book a cost-efficient journey back to Australia.

So, what should be my new travel strategy?

Book a one-way ticket to wherever home is and we will get you there. Re-unite with your family, celebrate all the birthdays you missed, fill your heart with the smells and flavours of India and wait….until the time is right to book your return flight.

If in doubt, please speak to our friendly staff. We have spoken to thousands of passengers, and we know what you need to have a beautiful trip to India…and back.

Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

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