This Yoga Day, lets work IN and not OUT!

We often find people diving onto their Yoga matts and transporting into a different paradigm. Into a different world. A world overflowing with positivity and peace. So, the question is, how do they do this? And what exactly is yoga? Is it just a form of exercise? Is it a religion, a philosophy, an ideology? or is it something completely different? Gosh! The list doesn’t end.

The word “yoga” literally means “union”. Derived from the Sanskrit word “yuji,” meaning yoke or union, yoga is an ancient practice that brings together the mind, body and soul. Have you ever imagined experiencing the entire universe inside of you? Well, that is EXACTLY what yoga does. It unites you with your inner soul, your inner world.

This International Yoga Day, lets make Yoga all about working in and not out. We all deserve it after coming out of a deadly pandemic right? Now is the time to open our hearts and focus our awareness into our inner selves.

Here, we give you 10 reasons to love yoga!

  1. Can you run five miles but not touch your toes? You are not alone. Try incorporating Yoga in your life and in no time, you can twist like a Rubric cube (bad jokes are allowed). Yoga is all about balance. It increases your body’s flexibility while building internal and external strength. Through deep breathing It connects your body to your mind.
  2. Tired of working long hours and slouching your way through life? Sounds painful. How about standing up straight and honouring your spine’s natural curves? Yoga not only teaches us to stand and sit straight, with shoulders relaxed and chin up but also improves our bodily alignment, eliminating the risk of injuries.
  3. In need for some some blood rush and thinking of hanging your legs up the wall? How about we tell you that some yoga asanas have the power to instantly speed up your blood circulation?  Yes! The Yoga asanas help increase circulation throughout the spine, glands and organs, giving our body the much wanted blood and oxygen. 
  4. Health is wealth, isn’t it? Today all we are so busy in our past faced lives that often we forget to take care of ourselves. Our bodies deserve to be treated. A few minutes of yoga is the right way to push that recharge button and say bye-bye to stress.
  5. Dreaming about a flat stomach, toned arms and sculpted legs?  Count us in too. Not only Yoga makes one more flexible, but also makes us stronger!
  6. *Take a deep breath and relax*. Breathing in and out is the smallest reminder we can give ourselves to beat anxiety. With physical Yoga poses, controlled breathing, and meditation we can together learn to overcome this monster called stress.
  7. “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi. Yoga holds the power to heal the mind, body and spirit. Yes, it does. Let’s open our hearts and fasten the healing of body. Be it injuries, mental stress or any illness, a few moments with Yoga everyday can leave you healed, rejuvenated, and refreshed.
  8. The best gift your body can give you is a good night’s sleep, right? In fact, practicing yoga before bedtime is the best way to release everything you’re holding onto mentally or physically before sinking in the peaceful sleep mode.
  9. What’s a nicer way to connect with people than a fun yoga class? Yoga can transform your body, your attitude and your awareness. By connecting with people through Yoga, you have the power to exchange energies and refresh your soul.
  10. Yoga is a transformational practice that strengthens the life force within. It teaches us to overcome internal and external obstacles that come with everyday life. It builds that emotional connection with oneself and teaches us to value life.

Enough said right? Now its time to take your yoga off the mat and into your life!!

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