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Essential Travel Permitted

After months of dormancy due to the raging pandemic, Australia is gearing up for a return to small normalcy with borders reopening to India and permitting essential travel.  

Australia opened its borders to India on 15th May, and gave a green signal for the travel operations between India and Australia to resume. This comes as good news to more than 11,000 Australians who are stuck in India and wish to travel back to Australia.

Australian citizens have been grieving the loss of loved ones in India because of border restrictions preventing travel on compassionate grounds under any circumstances. However, with the decline in the COVID-19 cases in India, Australia has now allowed citizens to travel to India for compassionate and care giving reasons.

So if you are in limbo and not sure whether you can travel to India to provide care to your family, the answer is YES!

Who can travel to India from Australia?

Based on current health advice, individuals seeking an exemption to travel from Australia to India will only be approved for the following limited circumstances:

  1. Critical workers providing assistance to India’s COVID-19 response.
  2. People travelling in Australia’s national interest.
  3. People seeking urgent medical treatment for a critical illness that cannot be treated in Australia.
  4. People travelling due to the death or funeral of a close family member.
  5. People visiting a close family member who is critically ill.
  6. People seeking to travel to India to escort an Australian citizen or permanent resident minor back to Australia.

Gaura Travel resumes flights from India to Australia

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Travelling in 2022 with Gaura Travel

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