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Flights from India to Australia are open and operating normally

National Cabinet of Australia recently announced a temporary reduction to the number of incoming flights from India to Australia, amid a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in India.

This news comes as India overtook Brazil with the highest number of COVID-19 cases recorded in a day. India has seen more than 314,000 cases in the past 24 hours.

There are more than 34,000 Australians overseas, wanting to come back including from India. So, what changes will be made now? How is it affecting the flights from India to Australia?

Here’s what you need to know.

What is changing?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that chartered and direct flights from India would be cut by 30 per cent and departures to India would be limited in the following months. The inbound flights would be operating normally, however only the capacity will be reduced. 

India has been highlighted in the “high-risk’ countries, thus it becomes extremely crucial for Australia to take this step in order to combat the alarming situation.

Department of home affairs also added, “Australian government had a humanitarian need to help the returning travellers, but the ongoing repatriation effort needed to be weighed up with the safety of Australian citizens”.

The plunge in the capacity of flights would apply to both the government-organised repatriation flights and commercial flights into Sydney.

What are the new rules?

Australia will change testing requirements for people returning from high- risk countries overseas. Passengers travelling from India to Australia will need to have a PCR coronavirus test 72 hours before leaving.

Travellers need to hold a negative virus test before boarding a flight and will be tested twice in hotel quarantine for 14 days. This comes as an addition to other testing rules, including by the airlines.

Our flights from India to Australia will operate normally, and there will be an opportunity for people in India to travel back to Australia in a controlled and safe manner.

What will happen to Australians currently in India?

If you’re wondering you will be eligible to travel to Australia or no then the answer is, Yes. People stuck in India, will still be allowed to enter Australia. Flights to Australia will also be operating normally, but with a 30 per cent decrease in the frequency. This is no way affects our charter flights running from India to Australia. Our flights will be operational as per the confirmed dates and all protocols will be followed as usual.

Our flights from India to Australia

We have our direct charter flights operating from India to Australia on 14th May. The flights will be running from all major cities in India to Perth and Adelaide. The flight has a duration of 17 hours including the transit in Malaysia. All flights will be running as scheduled with no changes in the itinerary.

How to book my ticket to Australia?

The flight operations to India from all the major cities of Australia in May will continue as per the schedule.  However, at the moment the only people eligible to Travel are:

  • Australia passport Holders
  • Indian Passport holders with Permanent Residency
  • People who hold an exemption from Australian Border Forces to travel to Australia.

If you are eligible to travel to Australia you can check dates available and book your ticket here: Charter Flights from India to Australia.

Can I travel from Australia to India?

Yes, you can travel from Australia to India. There are exemptions being given to travellers who want to travel to India. However, similar to the reduction in capacity of incoming passengers, the granting of exemptions will be tightened.

According to the Prime Minister, the border force will ensure travel exemptions are granted to people who are in very urgent circumstances. Exemptions will still be given to people travelling to India, however the state of urgency will be prioritised.

We are here with you!

Rain or shine, day or night we are here to provide you with a seamless travel experience no matter what. We took the matters into our own hands when no commercial flights were operating to India, and now we will do whatever it takes to connect you back with the land down under. All rules and protocols will be followed as usual and strict measures will be taken to ensure a safe travel.

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